I rolled the Tempest 170

successfuly for the first time yesterday!Had the boat a few weeks and had tried unsuccssessfuly a few times to roll , decided I better get me some instruction before I screwed a shoulder up. That was a good decision , Mike had me doing multiple extended paddle rolls before the lesson was over. I also did a few C to C and sweep. Had the most trouble in the sweep with keeping my head down,you have got to keep the head driving down toward that shoulder. I thought maybe if I typed it out and told the world , it would help me to remember to keep that big head down! A lesson and good instructor was what I needed to get that first roll and of course a boat that just about rolls itsself if you dont get in its way by not driving that big head down! Chris

Seems as if we have had the tempest for about the same amount of time. I also have succeeded in doing multiple extended paddle rolls and my first lesson is on the 27th so I can learn to do it right. :slight_smile:

It’s a great boat isn’t it?


Way to go Tempest bro.

The Tempest is King
I have had the same experience with my T-170. It is a perfect balance between rollability and stability in big water. It was a huge confidence booster for me to roll this baby on my first time out of the pool and the watchful eye of the instructor. Great boat. Congratulations on joining the club.

Good show
Keep at it but remember that the head often is a symptom of another problem like engaging the wrong leg, not driving your knee up, bad paddle position with the offside hand… In other words all the problems I seem to fall prey to:-(

I bought my 165 when I was rolling purgatory – got it then lost it. Rolled a friends 165 and then got my own. One side is coming along pretty well in it. I’ve only rolled my Looksha once or twice since then but I’m taking it on a Snake River camping trip this weekend and I’ll have to try.

Thanks guys,
and yes Paul, it is a great boat!Yeah keeping the head down may be a symptom of another fault in the mechanics of the roll, but doesn’t it seem easy when they all come together?! Chris