I should be on the water

A beautiful day in the 60s. But, the woman who approved my latest boat purchase wants to go shopping.
Keeping peace in the kingdom.

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My girl and I have separate finances. If I want to buy a boat, she says “Its your money, do what you want.”
If I want to take a boat out she says “I’ll see you in a couple of days.”

YOu are living in a prison of your own choosing.

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Understood. I am at the dog training farm.

My girl and I have been partners for 50 years. She is also the family accountant. We have a contract that says " what’s yours is mine" .
If either of us wants something over $ 000, we always get approval.
That comes from the years when we mostly did without.
We came home with a Christmas tree and a new refrigerator.


Just got back a BLT with homegrown tomatoes ago. It was gorgeous in all ways today.

Sunny and close to 50 in Michigan. Didn’t paddle today but did yesterday and will tomorrow. I did a bunch of cooking while the little lady worked on sealing cracks in the driveway.

Well said String
We’ve been operating the same way for 51 years

Congrats on the fridge and tree. You will have other days to paddle, given your geographic location.

Whatever works for you and your wife—and for such a long time through bad times and good!—is A-OK. Congrats especially on that.


What works for us is that neither is a quitter. We are far from an ideal couple, whoever that is.
I have been assured by too many people that I’m a PITA and that she is close to Mother Theresa .

Hey String, I feel your hardship. Sounds just like my wife and I. Happy wife happy life, I bet you two balance each other out.

So, what was harder to hold up straight and spin 360 while she scrutinized for clean lines, classic form, and a lack of bald patches, the tree, the fridge, or yourself?

My home accountant is always sayng how with me every season is taxing. I tell her that’s why she’s certified.

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We have something similar but as She says “What’s yours in mine and what’s mine doesn’t fit you.”


That is a terrible take.

Life is full of compromises and couples that work together at goals are almost always more successful.

A terrible take is when a man does not have a boat because “the boss won’t let me.”
And another one is a man that is forced to go shopping when he would rather be on the water.

This is all revisionist antiquated reverse sexism. It is dated. It is unreasonable.
Half the men in America are p**** whipped.

I have been with the same woman for 25 years. We “work together at goals.” We are very “successful.” We just don’t try to control each other’s behavior.

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Sound great

CWD, the young man at the tree lot got to do the tree handling. My neighbor helped put it in the stand. I was not involved in the fridge selection other than to nod. I did get to drive the truck because she doesn’t like it.

Well the wife trains hunt test receivers. I play with the tractor. Friday, the paddle day, I had fifty elevations to take on the grid I set up for the topo of the center of the property. Retired but still working. We contribute to each other’s adventures.

But we’ll never make 50 years like y’all…unless we use “dog years”.

Any outside activity on a beautiful day is a winner.