I thought I would try kayaking ~ annnnnd I just bought my third boat…

Where does it end?

I just bought my third boat: a used Wilderness Systems Tsunami 140.

It is in really nice condition, purchased locally. I have a nice Romany Surf and a Dagger Stratos 14.5L. I mainly paddle around the rocky shores on Orcas Island in the Salish Sea.

This will be my wife’s boat and general “guest boat.” I am adding a fitted hip pad kit that can be customized with different pad inserts. I also plan on getting a woman’s Kokatat dry suit.

This boat boat seems well made and pretty popular. So, looking forward to adding it to the fleet. Hopefully I can stop now?


Doubt it


Thank for the vote of confidence!


It will be interesting to compare it to the Dagger. Same size more or less but with a rudder…

I won’t admit to how many I have or if I plan to get any others in writing


That is not good to hear!

You see, I have a problem. For instance: at last count I own 37 vintage manual focus lenses…


The Tsunami is a very different animal than the Dagger. Much harder tracking and greater initial stability. The Tsunami is a great “guest” kayak - I call them the Toyota Camry of kayaks - comfy, stable, well built, reasonably quick and totally vanilla. The Dagger is much more of a sports car.

Oh and I’m up to 5 kayaks now (was down to three for a couple of years)… :grin:


Interesting! I was not expecting that much difference.

I notice a real difference between my Romany and the Dagger. I just find launching the Dagger on our local rocky access points much less stressful than with the Romany. But the Romany Surf is a beautiful and fun boat to paddle. Initially it was quite nerve wracking until I got over that tippy feeling…



140’-3" total

I’m not going over 200’ because then I’d be a yak alcoholic.


Man, I thought I was the only one who went kayak krazy!!
I just started and I’m up to 5 kayaks- 3 good used.
I needed a boat for every kind of adventure I want to take in the future.
I don’t see a problem with it unless you are not paying bills in order to buy yet another kayak :thinking:
I think I’m done buying for a little while anyway - though I am looking at a tandem fixer’up’r and I want to get one more inflatable to take with us on our honeymoon. :man_shrugging:t2:

The only limiting factor in kayaks for me is storage space.

I just replaced the stock Wilderness Systems backrest (which sits up quite high) with the IR LoungeBand BackBand kit. I also added an adjustable hip pad kit as well.

It took me a lot longer than I thought as I did not have the special wrench to hold those tight locknuts that hold the whole seat system in place.

But this looks like a nice upgrade: a safer lower backrest that won’t get in the way during self recovery. It will also give more flexibility for accommodating different size guest paddlers…

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Photomax. I did the same thing. I use one and guests use all the leftovers.

PaddleDog52. If you have more than two 140 foot kayaks, you may already be a yak alcoholic. Not sure. But a 200 footer kayak may require a pilot’s licence.

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Ha Ha! …We gotcha

Who me. Didn’t you see the post of my 180 foot kayak. It only has a flamingo figurehead. Too much neck would make it top heavy.

Photomaz. I’m thinking of converting the high back Phase 3 seat to the backband. After reading posts about backbands, I’m becoming more conscious of the negative points of the high back seat rest that I’ve ignored until now.

159’-1" now with another 18’10" added.

Well 28’ are my partners.

Hmm. Never thought of quantifying the fleet by cumulative length. But since I am currently up to 9 kayaks and 2 canoes I’m curious (though one canoe is just a foster child for now until I can help its owner sell it.). In descending order of length:

18’ 4”
16’ 6”
15’ 9”
13’ 8”
13’ 6”

I think that is 164’ 11”

17’ 9”
16’ 6”
14’ 10”
12’ 6”

Total 80’ 7”. I feel like a slacker now.

Can I add the 38’ sailboat?? :grin::sailboat:

Absolutely! The higher number you all post the better it is for me. I can always point to this thread when my wife claims that I don’t need another boat…“See honey, I’m just an amateur”. :slight_smile:

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Yep, I bought a kayak to take my mind off of something that it had to be dragged from. Heard about a little race called the Alafia Challenge; tried it.

Saw honest to God race boats for the first time. The world tilted and I have gone through 148 feet of boats, not counting the two race boats (19 +21 feet) and five 12 foot rec boats; because I built them,and designed them.

It might be over, but I have doubts.