I tried 7 boats today.

I went to JAX demo today. I started out with a riot quest. I found that this kayak had bad stability, and tracking. I also tried a loon 138, and found it to be stable, fast, and manueverable. The dirigo 140 was nice, I liked the hatch on that. I tried the riot stealth, But it didn’t have the greatest leg room. And, for some reason, I had never canoed before. I just never tried it, so we got into a penobscot 17. It was sweet, manueverable, and stable. I don’t know how fast it could go, because I couldn’t go as fast as I could in a canoe like I could in a kayak. And, I found the cayuga to be fast, yet comfy and stable. Lastly, I tried the otter. It was REALLY manuverable. Each time I paddled, the otter turned to one side while sliding foward slowly. I also noticed that the loon 138 had similler performance to my Pamlico 140.

That’s awesome
Sounds like a great day!! 7 boats in one day…you must feel like beating on your chest or something :slight_smile: Good for you and thanks for sharing your experience with the rest of us. I didn’t get in any boats today… Hoping to remedy that this weekend!

Take care-Toddy

yeah, it was nice
I had a nice time. But there were lots of air filters in that lake for fish. I had to avoid lots of them.

Sounds like…
a fun day! You’ll probably end up building your own kayak, you know!

It was cool, but I forgot one boat…
I tried the old town voyager. It had a really different deck design.

Lucky Dog - - -
I tried out one boat - - after I basically committed myself to aquiring it. Had no idea what I was getting into, but I did do my reading and had an idea what I wanted.

so, what did ya get?

A biggin

– Last Updated: Jun-26-06 9:59 PM EST –

I picked up a poly Aquaterra Sealion. I went right for the big boat. I figured I'm not doing white water, and this will cover everything else including camping, fishing in Erie, and rivers.

All under $400.00 including paddle and farmer John (haven't tried that yet)

I've been reading up on all this great additional equipment and trips while I'm doing 12 hour second shifts and not getting on the water enough.

Damned irritating

Hey - - Fort Collins???
Dang nice territory out there. Thought about moving west years ago, but there wasn’t many jobs at the time. Now I’m stuck in Ohio with the problem here.

My wife and I were looking at land outside of Cheyenne about 15 years ago. We really liked the Medicine Bow range area.

I used to go out to the Arapahoe ski basin area during summers. Watched them build Keystone and the tunnels. I’m dating myself when I can say that at the bottom of Keystone, there was a log cabin looking small overnight lodge with a family style resturant, and Loveland pass was only two lanes all the way to a new area called Dillon. Dillon only had about a dozen little shops and a small grocery store.

housing is alittle expensive.
But you can get a town house there. weve got lots of combined houses, but kinda expensive. Our lake-side town house cost 160,000.

sounds like fun!

HAR! Its started already!
You’ll have a fleet before your wife realizes what’s happening to the bank account -

That’s not that bad - - -
Unless it’s reeaallly small. Most decent newer housingout here in the sticks of Ohio runs about that wiothout a lake.

Is there a group for spouses???
You know…like the AA they have for families?? I’m the WIFE and I’ve started a decent little fleet…three boats so far…eyeing a fourth… and my husband has just about given up. He’s even gotten back on the water after a long hiatus. So lets start a group for our spouses…the mantra could be something like “I like enabling” or “NRS IS GOOD!”… hmmmmm…

12 steps to couples kayaking…

There getting cheaper…
there are two models, the same size. see, the one floor house is long, while the two floor is short but has a extra floor. and they have finished basements.