I want a new CF touring paddle.

Recommendations please. I paddle a Tarpon 140 and a PBW Rapidfire.

two favorite kayak paddles
For rivers and rocky shallow places I like my 215 Werner Little Dipper. I put the door edge trim from the auto parts place to protect it from rocks. I also take it apart and use a T handle for single blading sometimes.

For deeper water I like the Lumpy Greenland paddle best. I have a little wider than normal loom because a Sit on Top is a lot wider than a Greenland boat. It is as ligh as my Little dipper and seems like I’ve worked less after paddling with it all day. But it is cedar not CF.

My RF works good with AT
SL Tour.

But it really flies with ret603s aleut paddle. Which is not carbon fiber.

I may just have to get my GP down
from the wall and give it a try. I’ve never used it in either boat.

AT least three
You can’t go wrong with AT’s Xception or Exodus or Werner’s Kalliste or Ikelos, but you owe it to yourself to peruse Pat Onno’s sticks.

GP and canoe
was seen Saturday on Lake J. First for me. The guy was cruising pretty good considering the breeze. If you want good deal on a used 210 Werner Cyprus, let me know as Julie has gone GP too.

Pat owes me a call.

O.K., since you asked … a hem … LOL.
Thanks Charlie and let me know your number string : )

Werner paddles
Personally, I’m a big fan of Werner paddles: http://www.kayakreview.org/go/WernerPaddles/

Eddyline Windswift Paddle
Can be ordered in carbon fiber. Favorite paddle

Best bang for the buck. I really like his F.A.S.T. paddle. Even though I’m more of a half-fast paddler, I still enjoy it!

ONNO again
I’ll second the “bang for the buck” and quality as well. Besides, Pat is a one man shop with a young son and a beautiful wife and the NJ bred bastard lives in Hawaii!

I’ve got three of Pat’s paddles, next one will be from him as well.


Don’t buy ONNO !!!
unless you want the sweetest, lightest, and best made paddle on the market, made by a small business owner who cares about his customers and becomes a instant friend after you talk to him.

jack L

ONNO it is. Pat called last night.
An adjustable Full Tour is in the works.