I want a pink kayak

My boyfriend has informed me that he will gladly buy me a kayak if I’ll agree to kayak w/ him. (I bought him one as a gift last summer to get him started).

I told him that it had to be pink. Yes, I am a girly girl.

Anyway- I’ve searched the internet and I’ve actually seen the pictures of pink kayaks, but I can’t seem to find a one that’s for sale.

Have any of y’all seen any?

Get In Line, If…
if you see a Pink Mega Mustang (surf kayak). My dream boat. :slight_smile:


(the yin/yang man)

Liquid Logic playboats
I think the Pocket Rocket, Space Cadet, and Air Head can be ordered in an awesome bright pink. I’ve only seen a couple pink Pocket Rocket’s on the river but they were pretty cool! I don’t know if playboating is your thing and it’s possible that Liquid Logic would make a pink river runner if you asked them about it.

Hey Coffee is back!

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Gotta hand it to ya, Brent will never ID you with that M.O. I don't think they sell 'em in pink but, if you wash a Tilley with a brand new red T-shirt ....

If by some chance, you aren't coffee, my apologies and welcome to pnet.

Definately Alabama
AU 13-0 Auburn University…and the Y’all (You all) cinches it…LOL.

Welcome AU13-0.

are you sure it isn’t
a gold reference, with a specific weight of 13?

Fiona’s boat
Fiona Whitehead - a very highly rated BCU coach had a pink Greenlander Race that she used for her Ireland (UK?) circumnav. It takes a real woman to paddle a pink boat!



lol supertroll
War Eagle!

Roll Tide!!! Hehe.

Join Mary Kay
If you sell fifteen thousand dollars of their product they will send you a pink kayak.

Here! but it’s smaller than a Critter

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Pink Brit Boat?
I have also seen a pink NDK Explorer in a photo. It is probably a custom color from NDK, but I suspect that if they can do it other manufacturers can as well especially other Brit makers.

Obviously a custom order, and would take time and new boat bucks, but it may be worth checking to see if Valley, P&H or NDK can do a boat that fits you in pink.

easily done
Although I’m sure Mega could custom paint the Mustang pink for you, if you find a used one, why not do it yourself? It probably wouldn’t be too hard to sand off the original finish and either repaint/glass it or mix up a big batch of pink gelcoat and go to town! Or heck get a few cans of pink Krylon Fusion spraypaint as it should bond fairly well to glass.

Seaward kayaks…
these guys do something like 600,000 color combinations. Here’s pic of my pink and purple tandem (and I’m not a girly man!)


Pink What?
Pink Cadillac


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Oh you said KAYAK… … I think I could sub Kayak for cadillac…

Have fun bein pretty in pink.

Ask Patrick
…to do the Mermaid kayak in Pink for you!!


Hey - I just bought a Cobra Expedition in ‘raspberry’ - apart from being slightly dissapointed at the unmasculine colour I can def. say it is pink.

Cobra make other sot kayaks and the raspberry colour is pink for sure…

Also I saw a Futura surfski (aka sot kayak) that was pink.

Hope that helps.


How about a Seaward?

is this true
Why not get a white kayak and find the proper paint and paint it. One of my former friends/roommates or whatever he/she was would have painted the one I had he used, if he had thought about it. He painted his cell phone pink, the crome on the VW pink, and so on.

I’m gullible but if this is true - I think I will order some more Mary Kay. I’ve got about ten irregular customers now, so I’d need to really go after a lot of regular customers.

I have more regular tax return clients than I do Mary Kay buyers and a full time job as well. So I think I will stick with being a tax pro for funding my kayak habit.

So once I lose the weight and have a wider pick of kayaks - I wonder if they make one H&R Green with Mary Kay pink highlights. That would be pretty. By then my Red Pungo might have faded to pink…

Malibu Kayak in Pink!

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Malibu Kayaks has just come out with a new pink color for kayaks! Women love it in the Mini-X, but you can order pink in any model. Visit the website to find a dealer near you! www.malibukayaks.com