I want a used Swift Shearwater

-- Last Updated: Feb-01-07 8:23 PM EST --

Anybody got one they'll part with? Anywhere in the East or Midwest or Southern Ontario?

Will pay cash, small, unmarked bills, paper bag....but I do need a good title:)

I'll trade, too, if you want a Swift Osprey kev lite, or a Supernova Blue Steel, or a Dagger Sojourn Royalite, or Mad River Horizon 17.

Andy in Virginia

Swift has them
Swift has a demo ($1500) and a new one($1800) on sale. I think the prices are CDN.


Do I get a finders fee? :wink:

you could get it delivered
to Calgary by March (I ordered another boat from them…)

they haven’t updated their list
I called a few days ago and they are out of stock. thanks though.

Hey Andy
Did you settle on the Shearwater for your 400 mile trip? Just curious.

Shearwater fills my needs
Yeah, after months of waffling, surfing, phoning, cajoling information out of people and builders I finally decided the Shearwater is the best choice for me. I studied the maps of the river and came up with 85% dam reservoirs and tidal river, 10% Class I-II and quickwater, and 5% Class II-III rapids and 10 miles of portages. By the time I add in the water testing equipment and all the other gear for myself and the team photographer I decided I needed something bigger than my Swift Osprey and faster than my Nova Craft Supernova. Just about the only canoe in the middle is the Shearwater. I also considered the Peregrine but it’s more of a kneeling boat. If the Wenonah Kevlar Rendezvous had been available in the East I would have considered it, too.

I’ve not had any luck finding a used Shearwater so today I mailed my check to the factory and my new one will be here by the first week of March.

I’ll have a product review of it by the end of March. I expect by the time I run the 45-mile length of the Maury River during spring run off, including the heavy Class III’s at Rockbridge Baths, I’ll have a pretty good feel for the Shearwater. I’m confident she and I will get along just fine. I’ve already named her Serenity, which is the feeling I got this morning shortly after making the decision and mailing the check.

Thanks again,


And a good choice. When it come to a class II boat that can haul a big load and be pretty darn fast and efficient, the Shearwater does seem to stand in very limited company. Looking forward to your impressions of it.