I want to take up stand up paddling

I do not see these come up used, and I know no one that has one. What should I be looking for to buy one? I will be using on a relatively small inland lake in Alabama. I am about 5’5" and 155 lbs. Thanks-Karen

I’m just curious…I watch stand up people out here quite often and I can’t figure out any reason why anyone would do that, unless they live in a small apartment with no storage. I also think that they look like they would be more fun with a foam pedestal seat and a kayak paddle. My guess is that these things will start showing up used in a few more months, once some of the people find out that they’re really not boats.

not likely to get a whole lot o’ love here on that topic. Too new or something, I don’t know. Check out this site http://www.standupzone.com/

Very good people; “stand up” people you might say.

Good luck.

Take a trip to the coast …
You might want to head to the coast and take a lesson, and hit craigslist afterword and find a used board. Many shops now will have used boards, once you know what you are looking for.

There are some interesting options for inflatable or plastic boards that let you get into it without a heavy investment. Liquid Shredder makes some inexpensive boards that are OK for beginners. OnnoPaddle here can give you the best advice. Most of the folks posting here have no clue what they are talking about.

Here’s a link for Liquid Shredder, there are lots of other similar softtop brands.


For your weight.
I’d recommend an Ocean Kayak Nalu 10. It will handle your weight well. it is only 42 pounds. It is cheap at less than $500. And later you can lend it to a friend when you have a better board or sell it easily. It also makes a decent kayak.


Getting started
You can often rent the equipment at resorts. But to be honest, there are lots of ways to get involved without investing a lot of money. You can decide later to lay out the cash. Any wind surfing long board will work. There are lots of old and out dated windsurfers that are just fine. Almost any kayaking paddle will work. Just hold the paddle at the end with your top hand. If you decide you really want to pursue the sport, buy the real stuff.

Karen, The old sailboard idea is a good
one if you want to get into it for not too much …

You are ‘smaller’ so a board such as the original “Windsurfer” or even better, a Mistral Superlite would be fun and a ‘keeper’ no matter what to share with friends or even use it sailing.


If you wanted a ‘real’ board I would suggest a 12’6" RACE board over anything else unless you wanted to use it for surf. Do not be intimidated by the term ‘race’ … it only means the board is designed to be super efficient for point A to B paddling. For your size, it will feel plenty stable. No matter what paddle you get, make sure its at least 8 - 12" longer than you are tall for all round use. Lean towards the 12" too. For guys or most anyone else reading this say over 175 I would say the same thing but go to the 14’ race board. The boards ( 10 - 12’) touted as “all around” or family boards are slugs compared to the race boards. Skip past these to the race boards and you will not be sorry.

You are welcome to call or email me and I can talk you though some stuff.

www.standupzone.com is real good to post questions and you will be welcome with open arms there.

Why not?
Until you try it, you probably won’t get it.

Getting to be quite a few SUP’rs around here. They surf the standing waves as they go down the river. As a canoe poler (and I’ve tried the SUP board briefly), I can see the attraction. Diff’rent strokes…

Thanks Everyone
As to the question of why…to get a different workout. I paddle almost daily on my lunch hour, and wanted to find a way to mix up my work out. Thanks again!

Concider building one,…
CLC has made a kit for a long board for a couple years. If you have a little skill it’s got to be a pretty easy build compared to assembling a kayak. 2 cents.