I want to thank Marc Ornstein.

Marc took my beat up Bell Morningstar and totally rejuvenated it at a reasonable price. It was not only a pleasure to deal with him, but he is an encyclopedia of canoeing lore, culture and knowledge.

So call this my endorsement. If any of you have an old boat you want to bring back to its glory, get hold of Marc. He is an artist in the field.

Thanks Marc for giving me back my beloved Morningstar.

Randy Cunningham

I met Marc once. Nice guy.

2nd the endorsement
Marc is fully dedicated to the sport of calm water canoeing and single blade paddling. Nice to have resources like him to keep this niche of paddling alive and flourishing. Thanks Marc for all you do!

I would not go to him for any paddling advice. If you watch videos of him paddling you will notice that he can not seem to keep his boat level. Also it seems that he can not keep a canoe on a straight line. He seems to go sideways, in circles, or in figure 8’s. Just about anyway but straight.

Also his choices of paddling attire is highly questionable.

Mark - Tongue firmly in cheek

Like this?

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Classy, elegant and fun.

He doesn’t want to go straight. It’s called Freestyle canoeing. Check out their website. Freestylecanoeing.com.

Ok, that was impressive.

At 1:05 he shows what any sea kayaker knows, you can turn with a weight shift. But what the **** is he doing at 1:35. He’s using The Force, right?

Sideslip to the onside followed by sideslip to the offside

I knew this girl who couldn’t paddle straight either…
I took my ACAIDW with Karen and Bob… A real Treat…

@stevet said:
Sideslip to the onside followed by sideslip to the offside

Marc had posted a video here about freestyle a couple years ago. That was the first time I saw a sideslip. Was so enthralled at the grace of the move, spent a couple months learning how to do it well in my kayak. My favorite stroke because it’s just plain fun to do.