I was offered a Pat Moore Proem for $400. Should I?

An old friend of my father’s just offered me a Pat Moore Proem. He wants $400 for it. I absolutely don’t need another solo canoe, so I turned it down, but told him I’d call him if I changed my mind. I’m looking for someone here to do that. :slight_smile:

I know it hasn’t been paddled much, and has been stored indoors. I’m assuming it’s in excellent shape. IF I bought it for $400, would I be able to resell it for that amount if I didn’t like it?

Is this it? http://crossroadscanoe.com/proem-review.htm

Yep! That’s the one! It’s reputation has me a little bit afraid of it.

Maybe but it takes a kneeling paddler to use it. There aren’t too many of those around and they are getting older. Getting into a saddle is a bit of a learning curve. I never cared for the Proem but you are not me and vice versa. So if you don’t like it it may be sitting around your place for quite a time

Blackhawk manufactured those, presumably after Pat Moore quit manufacturing them. I delivered one to TheBob (now Jedi) a few years ago. Never paddled it though. I bet he’ll be happy to share his experiences with it when he sees this.

If it is in excellent, little used, stored indoors condition; 400 bucks is a very , very reasonable price for a Blackhawk Proem, in my opinion.

But be forewarned; it is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, so to speak
If you are not a very confident and experienced paddler; you’ll likely find out what I mean the first time you take it out on the water. Not a canoe you hop into without a care, grab your paddle, and take off downstream, on a high class II river. At least I don’t!

Be prepared to do some uncontrolled gasps everytime you get into it. If the weather is cool, I would suggest you have a couple of towels, and a change of clothes nearby. In winter; you’d best have on a wetsuit.
Great boat to assist you in maintaining, or renewing your humility; especially when you do your first 8 or 10 paddling sessions in it.

Don’t get me wrong! It’s not a bad boat, but it is a quirky little boat with a unique hull design; which makes it a quirky little boat. Likely not like any canoe you’ve ever paddled before. But, with time, and a lot of seat time/practice you may just become proficient is using it, and then it could be a fun little canoe.

I have not reached the point that I feel really comfortable in it the majority of the time, and I never take it out anytime other than on a hot day, “when the water feels good”.

Great “photo opportunity canoe”. You can get some neat shots of your friends doing "stupid canoer tricks, hitting the water face first, and showing their “air braces” techniques.
Another “fun boat” to try, and amaze your friends; a Perception HD-1.

When you can paddle those 2 boats with skill and elan on the flat /calm water of the city lake; give em a go on moving water. Close passes by speed boat or jet skis will bring out your inner “gunwale grabber”.
If you are NOT a “love a challenge” type of person; you best “walk away”.
Remember your “humility”!!!

Good view of Blackhawk Proem with removable saddle

BOB :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

P.S. I am seriously considering drawing a design for a logo that I want to put on my Proem. It will be a cute little dolphin sailing over the top of the word FLIPPER

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If the condition is as described the price is good. But I would not buy it unless you personally plan to paddle it or have unlimited storage space for canoes.

It is very much a niche boat design that will appeal to a limited market of individuals who know what the canoe can and cannot do. So I expect you could get your money back out of it but as Kim said, it could be quite a while before you found a buyer.

You nailed it Pete!
It’s a “niche boat”!
That might be even better than naming my Proem “Flipper” !

You did a good job of naming one of your own (pictured) boats…

The Superbeater Dagger ME

I love the Proem and would buy it in a minute but you have to like a pedestaled boat and one that is tender. The entire volume of the boat is in the bow. You can spin the boat around its nose but reverse stokes are tricky because there is little volume back there. I found you can not weight shit to the stern in reverse stokes just twist your body. Where is the seller of this Proem?

Where is this boat? I want it.

The boat is in the Pittsburgh area. I’ve already passed on it, and most of the replies here make me think that’s the right choice for me. If someone is interested, get in touch and I can provide contact info for the seller (once I clear it with him.)

Pat Moore was a supremely skilled paddler and this boat is designed for that level of user. Fun if you fit it and like to spend lots of time learning. Price is good and I’ll bet Mary V snaps it up. (Haven’t seen her for many years, but she knows good and interesting boats)

Is it still available? I’m real interested!

It’s still listed in the classifieds, so I would assume so.

I’m confused…Scottfree said it’s in the Pittsburgh area. The one in the classifieds is in Texas.

As far as I know, the Proem in Pittsburgh is almost certainly still available. Send me your contact info and I can put you in touch with the seller.

Can there possibly be 2 Proems for sale for $400? That would be pretty unusual!