I was wondering about NYS parkway laws.

Found my answer as follows about kayaks on the parkways.

I know this is crazy for most parts of the country. But here in NY we have parkways where it is all non-commercial vehicles and some low bridges as some trucks have found out even causing the death of some sadly.

§ 182.29 Projecting objects.

(a) No vehicle will be permitted to enter or operate within the parkway system with any article of any kind on the outside of the vehicle, unless such article is carried in or upon a rack designed for that purpose.

(b) The maximum projection of both the article and rack above the roof of the vehicle shall not exceed 30 inches.

© The overall height of the vehicle, including article and rack shall not exceed 10 feet.

(d) The article and/or rack shall not project beyond the front and/or rear of the permanent

equipment of the vehicle more than a total of two feet and in no case shall project beyond the sides of the vehicle.

Roof mattress …

racks made for mattresses

racks made for mattresses

well then loads of us have violated
My boats hang over three feet. I can understand the height clearance. In the right lane of some underpasses ( they are arch bridges) you are limited before you self scalp

I am not worried. The cops have more to deal with as in people going 80 mph on the Hutch.

I suppose that if you got rearended( a real possibility) that the scofflaw could get off if your boat was damaged.

But as there are no noseless vehicles ( ie buses) I’m not worried.

No problems so far
Never have had an issue on the Taconic, Sprain or the Hutch with 4 sea kayaks on my Land Cruiser at a loaded height of 8’3". Either bridges or protrusions.

A tall camper like a Dodge Sprinter van with J cradle racks on top could have issues on the arched bridges.

See you on the water,


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overpass fails

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I know it should not, but this compilation of overpass clearance fails never ceases to amuse me. You would think at least the professional truckers would be aware of their vehicle minimum clearance heights but apparently not. Gotta love the RV owner who scrub off the AC units and keep going. There have apparently been close to 100 such impacts recording so far on this overpass.


sorry irrelevant

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Towed vehicles and trucks are banned from NYS Parkways.

Those beautiful old bridges stand.


Willowleaf I will have to check if that video is on the Onondaga Parkway which is not a NYS parkway at all but is called that. That road has a notorious bridge and now sprouts wildly waving lights and I think noisemakers to wake up the non literate.


Egg McMuffin
Drive under ?

you can use anything less than 3/4 ton truck. I see a ton of crap on the parkways that should not be there, One guy hauling steel hit a bridge. The bridge didn’t move the steel did and killed him. RIP. I have a Excursion so I could easily dismiss the Libra in short order as some arched bridges near me are 7’-8" on the shoulder side. When I raced offshore boats my partner would take a short cut to the VNB and the boat was 36’ x 10’ catamaran. We actually passed some cops and their jaws dropped but the never did a thing. Last night I saw a 10,000 gallon gas truck on the parkway.

won’t affect the clueless

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Here in Pittsburgh's deeply corrugated terrain we have countless overpasses and tunnels. Some of the major commuter route tunnels have height detectors on the approaches that trigger a Vegas
Strip like barrage of flashing lights and digital sign boards directing towering loads to an off ramp. But all this has not kept overheight trucks from periodically wedging themselves immovably into the tunnels.

"What? You mean all those signals were for MY truck?"

Roof top racks on a car

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As some above indicate, have never known of anyone having problems with kayaks on the roof of a vehicle that is otherwise legal on a NY State parkway.

But that is partly because of the list of vehicles that you can't take on an official parkway, which includes trucks and campers and a pile of other vehicles that are likely to have a higher roof. Hence people who have a car in addition to their beloved truck because they have family on Long Island. Going up and down the eastern edge of NY state and out east on Long Island, it really complicates your trip if you can't use one of the parkways.

People I know who have trailers have had to be a bit more attentive to what road as they travel thru New England states, but never having had a trailer I didn't capture the details.

You DO need to have a flag or similar, red is best, on the back if the overhang starts looking like 3 feet. It is a good idea anyway though, gives you something to mark the end of the boat when it comes to backing into a space at a rest stop. Backup cameras will not necessarily see that high.


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That's not the Onondaga Parkway. My sister-in-law lives in Liverpool and I know the bridge over that parkway well.

Celia.Backing into spaces at a rest stop

Never done that ever . Never seen a rest stop that called for backing… I have seen rest stops in all but AZ and TX and NM. Am I missing something?

My hubby backed into a tree…and damaged the rudder… but the rear of the boat cant be seen. Depth perception is hard in the dark of night… to stop three feet short of tree.

Warning you that come to Portland ME though… They are starting back in parking downtown

completely unrelated to NYS parkways

Oops, think car topping
Yup, I was thinking of car topped boats in regular parking spots. There are a number of places that we have stopped going up and down to Maine, including things like Dunking Donuts, where I would only back into a spot because even the overhung portion of the boats on the roof could be nailed by a truck.

Though our friends who traveled with a trailer stopped trying to get off the highway to eat on rt 1 anywhere south of Portland because parking on the street was so difficult with the trailer.

On one trip, after they put their trailer up for sale, I marked what I would do at these rest stops. I would have gone to where the trucks were. When things were really crowded back there with campers etc, parking was not always going to happen with the easiest technique.

we usually use regular parking spots
but if trucks are not segmented out and use the same travel lanes we will use the truck parking.

Usually there is plenty of room in truck and RV areas…

Its embarrassing to pull into a regular parking spot, get out and uh oh… you forgot about the trailer which is now blocking the guy next to you from getting out.

Car topping has its own perils… seven foot high clearance garages.

here’s a recent doozie

The beams were damaged enough to necessitate complete removal and replacement of the deck. A construction crew had the bridge deck removed by morning.

I bet they made a decent fee…

No garages
My 16 ft wide skinny city lot is not going to support a garage out back if I ever want to have a place for work guys to put their trucks.

I am referring to city parking garages
as in New York City.

Or Portland ME

Or St. John’s Newfoundland

Or Boston

Or Washington DC

Or Ottawa Ontario

Or Chicago

All cities we have been in with cartopped boats

We travel with our rooftop boats and parking is a consideration in cities. Almost all garages are too low. We have had to find on street parking. Hang over in the rear or no.

Parking garages.

So if any one is planning on bringing kayaks or canoes to these cities, plan on extra time to park.

or use a car
I park my cartopped boat in structures from time to time, the only space restraint is horizontal.