ice aint melting

Lakes in my area just arent melting. We’ve had 70 degree temps and lakes 50 miles to the east are open. But the lakes here you can still drive on. Most of these lakes are small, 6 to 12 feet deep.

Why is it some lakes just take forever to thaw?

Microclimates and geology.
No idea of your location, but the only liquid water I can see comes out of my shower and faucets.

All the local inland lakes in Northern MI are still ice; heck, guys are still ice fishing on the bays of Lake Michigan.

But it won’t be long before it all thaws. There’s no scent as wonderful as the earth in springtime, as the wild leeks and wildflowers emerge. My most favorite season.

I feel for you.
I paddled today for my first time this year. It was very much appreciated.

How thick did the ice get before it

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We had thick ice in Dec and then three months of snow. Aint melting soon.. At least three weeks to six.

Six feet however is not very deep. My lake is 12-30 deep.

Shallow lakes freeze and thaw faster.

BTW ice melts from the bottom. About a week before ice out the surface will go from white to navy blue or gray. That is candling. Dont venture out.. the ice then goes fast cause the light can go down the candle columns.
St. George and Passy canoe races postponed due to ice

You answered your own question

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The shallow lakes might thaw a bit on warm days but if you are inland, nights are still cold enough to prevent full thawing.

Also, calm water freezes more readily than moving water does.

hang in there
We’re suffering similarly here.

Normally, shallow lakes open first

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Usually, shallow lakes freeze first and thaw first, since they have less mass per unit of area. I'm sure there must be something going with this lake comparison of yours other than depth.

There's a lake that's 50 miles from here which has vehicles out on the ice long after other nearby lakes are unsafe. I think it might be due to the fact that this particular lake is strictly trapped water, with no inlet of any significance and no outlet. Feeder streams do a lot to warm up a lake in the springtime.

Is this year "worse" than last? I didn't pay much attention, but have the overall impression that last winter was colder, with longer-lasting ice.

Brings to mind wonderful
evenings in June sitting in my living room watching the satellite images of Great Bear and surrounding smaller lakes on line praying that Horton Lake would be open enough to land on by Canada Day with the emails flying around between all the crew.

The end is near…
for ice, that is.

There’s a patch of open water in a section of the southern shore of my lake. Put on my waterproof boots and went out to slosh around in it. It’s a start!

There’s a live webcam near my favorite launch site on Little Traverse Bay. I can see water along the shore.

April seems longer than the entire winter.

come to montana
its been 50-60 degree in Montana for 8 weeks!!! The warmest winter on record…I already got 200 miles of paddling in!!

My office has a huge window
looking out at the confluence of the White River and the Connecticut River in White River Jct., Vt. Today things really started moving. Its a beautiful sight with the car sized chunks of ice coming down the White and floating out into the largely open Connecticut. Cold again tomorrow however. Good chance of snow. Winter’s last gasp.