"ice cave collapsing" video

Here’s the sub head on the video about an ‘ice cave’ collapsing in front of a couple of kayakers: “Watch as a pair of kayakers witness a massive ice cave collapsing in Alaska. Luckily they weren’t too close to be harmed but this just shows the power of ice and the ocean!” Hmmm! Hardly an ice “cave” in the face of an active, advancing glacier but a huge cavity or overhang nonetheless. What’s most disturbing about this sub-head is the irresponsible statement that “they weren’t too close to be harmed…” Luckily there were no large chunks showering the kayaker filming. At that speed and proximity a piece of ice the size of his fist could have been fatal. Also they were lucky the ice crumbled as it hit the water as the turbulence it did generate could have capsized the boats at that distance. These guys were way too close, and apparently very naive about glacial action in general. It’s too bad that this video didn’t refer the viewer to an article or two on paddling in glacial waters. Of course, few will ever have the opportunity to paddle in glacial bays. Seems like the headline was written for it’s sensationalism instead of conveying smart and helpful paddling information!

Did you notice the caption at the end, “We know it was a stupid lesson learned”…?
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This is not the ocean but a pond that is formed by melting Spencer Glacier. Outfitters regularly take paddlers right up to it. There was an incident last month on Valdez Glacier. That pond is maybe 1/2 mile across. Three German tourists were killed there. Spoke with an EMT from Valdez. It appears the glacier calved on their inflatable canoe https://www.adn.com/alaska-news/2019/07/30/3-kayakers-found-dead-in-water-near-toe-of-valdez-glacier/

Years ago I kayaked up towards the face of a glacier in Kenai Fjords Nat’l Park as part of a group on a multi-day kayak camping trip. Even tho’ the face was stable, chunks of ice were constantly falling, like rocks tumbling down an unstable cliff slope. Some chunks were as large or larger than a loaf of bread. Imagine that crashing down on your kayak - or head - from 200’ in the air? I just wish these posts would also add a link to a safety tip so paddlers can learn more about these situations that are often passed over in these scenarios.

Yet another example of population control.

No sense trying to save everyone from themselves. Unfortunately everything that follows is a huge drain on resources that’s born by everyone else.