Ice Kap

Has anyone tried the Ice Kap by Sterling Kayaks in Bellingham? I looked for it under kayak reviews and didn’t find anything.

Some people up north here…
…have tried them and reported good results. They generally wear them under a neoprene hood as a seal against getting frigid water in their ears.

You mean the boat, right?

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The ice caps that bnystom mentions are the hoods that divers use for winter diving, and have also been found to work for paddlers practicing rolling in really frigid stuff. They are called Ice something - we have them.

The Ice Kap from above is, I think, the low volume kayak by Sterling Kayaks. Interesting looking boat - carbon-something layup, 38 pounds, 19.5 inch beam, 16'11" length, 12.5" depth, Sea Dog hatches and foot pegs etc. It looks like these guys were at the Northeast Sea Kayak Symposium, so someone who attended thatr may have demo'd their boats.

My only question about it is the peaked deck that runs front to back - having recently practiced crawling around on my Explorer LV I know that the flat deck did help make that more comfortable even if the stability was what made it possible without capsize - and that I didn't see any thigh braces projecting into the cockpit from the cockpit rim. But that may be something that is easily missed in a photo.

That’s what was presented to Dubside
maybe check with him.


just don’t “crawl around” on the back deck ? :slight_smile:

Cowboy self-rescue
Requires some of that crawling around on the deck. That’s why I mentioned it.


Ice Kap
I paddled the Ice Kap at the West Coast Sea Kayak Symposium a few days ago. I covered the whole beach looking for my ultimate playboat seakayak and settled on the Stirling boats…Ice Kap and her big sister the Illusion. WOW! They have smooth sporty feel. The extreme maneuverability with suprising retained stability, tracking, and cruise speed. Each boat is custom built to the paddlers spec. Now I just need to come up with the $4000!

Ice kap at Deception pass
I did not paddle one …but there was another fella in that boat with us and he looked like he was handling the currents fine. It was close to 7 knott’s floods and he was ferrying across and playing in whirlpools and all the fun goodies that come with that territory. The boat seemed to be very responsive.

Sorry I cannot shed more light.

Don’t forget to use a stick with one though :wink:

I guess I should have looked up Sterling Kayaks before I responded.