here in Western Massachusetts the ice out is pretty much done- (last week much of the Berkshire Plateau was still locked up).

Howzabout in your neck of the woods?

Winnipeg - not yet

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I took a walk down to the river and while there is about 20 feet of shore lead, it will be a few more days - longer for the lakes.

Heck it never really froze over much

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The local lakes here in southern NH had open spots almost all winter. Looks like just the higher elevations are holding ice still but not for long.
I was looking at some satellite photos last friday and noticed Winnipesaukee still looked half frozen. I looked today and it appears ice free for the most part.
Todays satellite photo showing northern new england:
The northern lakes in NH and Maine can't be far behind. I see Umbagog and Flagstaff and Moosehead are still froze but I suspect just another week or so and they too will be open. I cant wait to head up there again.

Got 4inches of new snow April
first…but we are in the BIG thaw now…

I hate subject lines
I got out on the Mississippi here in Minnesota last week. Nice to be on the water again as I was lazy about paddling over the winter.

read last week where they still have 24 inches of ice on the BW lakes. Minnesote ice info

No more chunks of ice in the rivers, shores still have a little, but with this rain we are having today, I’m sure it will all be gone by this upcoming weekend. Can’t wait to get out.

Bummer. You telling me you all get ice? That sucks. We got no ice down here! Haven’t seen ice in years.

It’s now gone
The ice on Lake Mendota left in the reverse order of normal this year - the middle opened up first and the bays were the last thing to thaw. That’s because our winter was so incredibly warm (again!!) that the middle of the lake barely became frozen by the end of winter, so there wasn’t much ice out there to melt this spring. The last of the floating ice rafts on that lake disappeared over the last couple of days.

The Wisonsin River has been open for a while, but as of a few days ago, flooded channels back in the woods were still frozen. I’m sure there are still some frozen lakes within about 80 to 100 miles to the north, but I haven’t been up there.

The flood is coming
The Red River is in flood stage, apparently already causing fargo some trouble and due to hit us in about a week. Lakes are still frozen solid. Winnipegers love talking about the weather.

April 6th …woke up to more snow
this morning…snowing now…I’m ready for sun and warm weather

Drove up near the BWCA today, and it’s still solid. Even the rivers like the Brule in the flat spots are still solid. It’s going to be awhile.

Been out on Superior though.