Iceland kayaking?

Has anyone kayaked in Iceland? I need to go there for work in June, and I’d like to take 5 days or so to go kayaking (preferably with a company or club, since I don’t know the area). Thanks for any suggestions.

I think Wendy Kiloran could help …
If you google there are several companies from Norway and Iceland, most websider er på norsk unfortunately. I’ve wanted to do it but never have.

are you thinking
sea or ww? …been there twice for a few weeks…

If sea: lots of opportunities but not many rental /outfitting companies.

best shot is to try in Reijavik or Akureiri.

I’ve also seen a sign in Seijdisfjoedur-but that was 10 years ago…

WW: all Icelandic rivers are glacial. Water levels vary greatly throughout the day (low to non existent in the morning to unrunable high in the afternoon-on sunny days). No route descriptions, lots of big waterfalls. Country is very remote off the ring road and you’d have to bring/buy your own playboat. There is a ww community but I doubt that there’s a commercial outfitter. However, if you only have a bit time besides working, ww seems out of the question to me as the travel time would kill it (no paved roads beside the ring road and true 4x4 country-some days we did less than 30 mls the day…)

Happy paddling!


Talk to Steini at
SeakayakIceland. He opporates both from Reykjavik and his hometown Stykkisholmur.

Where in the country are you going to be working??


sea kayaking
I’m a sea kayaker, not a white water kayaker. I’ll be at a workshop in the north of the country, but the country is small enough that I’m happy to go anywhere in Iceland before the workshop. Alas, I did contact Steini at SeakayakIceland and he doesn’t have any trips going while I’ll be there. He was generous enough to offer to take me out with him for an hour or two, but I’d like to find a trip for several days or so. Another company does 2 hour trips in little SOTs, but again, that’s not really what I was looking for. And I found a kayak club’s website, but no english translation (and you can imagine how non-existant my icelandic is…). I’ll ask Steini if he can recommend another company or group.

Thanks for your input!

Try H2Outfitters

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They are running a trip to Iceland. Might not line up with your time frame, but they might be able to give you some links and suggestions. Scroll down on the following link for info on their trip.
They are a quality outfit.

more links
There are two other companies that you can check. They have trips in Iceland and Greenland.

There is also this one Petur who owns this one is doing some trips but I guess you will have to contact him for a schedule.

Yes we still have not found time to translate our club’s website, that is if you went into


You are quite welcome to email me directly if I can be of any help.