ICF Zephyr Maxi K-2

Just picked up this boat on loan from a friend who’s selling it. Googled it, but could find nothing, unlike the other flatwater K-2s (Foxbat, Mirage, etc.)

Have tried the Foxbat, Kirton boats, etc. but haven’t paddled this one yet-need to give it a scrub down first. Curious-Anyone know anything about it?

South Africa made
I never heard of this boat but a little research showed that it was probably made by Roamer Rand in South Africa which is now Kayak Racing. An old design that was replaced by the Apollo K2. http://www.kayakracing.co.za/kayaks/index.php?display=racing

Mark, are you paddling this K2 and will you bring it up to any of the NECKRA races? What’s the asking price? Pam


I’ve yet to try it. It’s on the rough side, was stored under a deck, and I gave it a good scrubbing. Turns out it is a Roamer Rand S. African made boat, intended for Int-Adv. river use, made in 9/97. Interestingly, it uses aluminum ‘gas pedals’ instead of a tiller bar for steering-beyond that, it’s a pretty conventional setup.

She only wants $350 for it, so Jim, Steve and I may pick it up for something to play with. No plans to race it. We paddled Joe Shaw’s Foxbat last week though and had a blast. I wanted to find someone to do the Blackburn with me in my Seda Tango tandem, but no luck. Having a companion right there could make the miles go by in a more entertaining manner. Plus the boat’s so big, you could bring some tunes, a mini fridge…

K2 in Blackburn
Mark, I think you can still change classes. I know a couple of the Charles River paddlers who didn’t get their entries in on time. You could join our egroup charlesriverrace@yahoogroups or I could put you in touch with them. Tom Clemow and William Prates are two good paddlers that might be available, one has been in the Foxbat, one has been in a Cobra, both should be able to handle a double sea kayak. I might consider switching classes if they weren’t available. For $350 you should keep the ICF K2 with the Mickey Mouse pedals, we need more at the races. Pam