Ichetucknee River

Paddled the Ich last weekend with a group of paddlers from the Florida Airstream Club. Water was high and expanded the spring run far into the woods at places. The water closer to the spring head was clearer and more normal levels. It really didn’t get “flooded” until lower in the run. However the water was still clear for most purposes and a good view. It is nice paddling rivers higher than normal since the scene is so much different. We paddled up from the south, aka last take out in the park to the spring head and back about 6 miles round trip. It is a short paddle for us but long for most. Some of the less experienced or older paddlers joined us at the spring head for the down spring run. We did see some manatees, an otter, and many birds.

It does show the water clarity.

Yes that is a kayaker in a canoe. But is a narrow canoe,.

Not the Ichetucknee River but the Suwannee river at Convict Springs. Gage shows the lower water level. This area is normally dry around those trees with swimming pool decking around the spring.

I paddled it in early spring a few years ago. There we’re 3 young women tubing it. They were obviously chilled.
It is a beautiful place.