ICON drysuits and the Kokatat Warranty

Curiosity question - should Kokatat find delam in only one half of these suits, do they replace just the half or the whole thing? Only thought of it today when I came in from seeing if I still had a roll (seems I do), was wearing the full suit. But I have mostly been wearing just the pants. Likely not alone in that.

And I finally found a moment where the big knob can be an issue. I was messing around with a cowboy and got stuck on something twice. It was the knob catching a short crosswise bungie on my back deck I had there for I think a GP at some point… I came back into shallower water and figured out when I had to scootch with a slight lift to avoid it. But it is honestly the only issue I have found.

Do you have your knob out in the open?

I can’t imagine the knob on my Icon grabbing anything, since it is inside a velcroed tunnel when wearing the full suit. Theoratically, something could grab the fabric of the tunnel and rip it open, but I have done quite a lot of rescue practise in that suit, and I have never experienced that.

Funny you mention the warranty. I was thinking the same a few weeks ago.

No the knob was inside the fabric sleeve. Just that with belly flat to the deck that bit of bungie with a plastic housing was easy to catch. I could remove it but wanted to solve the problem without doing so if I could.

All I had to do was put my feet up on the deck to give me a little height over that spot, and it was a better scootch anyway. Just interesting to have bumped into this. I suspect any similar work last year was done using the older suit. But my dimensions and that suit are having more issues this season…

I will be sending this suit in for a wet test by the end of this year, so may find out on the warranty