id my canoe

i purchased this nice lite canoe almost new condition.but in doing some research first letter of hin is G .i think its a tubbs looking to find out what its worth .i dont want to abuse a collectors item . thank you in advance.

An older Swift Keewaydin?

Or you could try a HIN Decoder wesbite…

It has a keel… Swift Canoes never did. Keewaydin was a name of a camp and the name of a model of a Tubbs canoe .( yes the snowshoe folks)

This isn’t a collectors canoe and the seat while nice is common in traditional canoe areas. Its a fiberglass canoe. The last two numbers of the HIN tell you the year of manufacture. The first three letters who made it.

Look like this one?

Its a nice looking boat… Spiffy up the seats and thwarts and get some better paddles! And have fun.

What doesn’t fit however is the deck ( it may have been replaced) and the bottom is not what Vermont Canoe made for Tubbs.

Now did anyone else make this model?

thank you for all the help .