ID this canoe

Does anyone know what brand/model this is?

The data plate, bearing the hull identification number, will be the best way to know.

From your photograph, it looks like a Journey 167 - manufactured by Mad River Canoe.

What’s printed on the data plate?

The seller says there is no plate or decal anywhere on it. And he has no idea what it is.

there is etching on the stern outboard side just below the gunwale on either the right or left
decks and seats typical of Old Town. Id guess a Discovery

The pic shows a scraped area where the HIN should be. If someone ground it off then the boat is likely stolen.

Good catch. The seller may be the thief

Asked him to weigh it. It weighed 82 lbs. I’m looking for lighter, not heavier!! Pass. Not to mention the possibility of stolen.

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Got a possibility of a Native Ultimate 145. Thoughts on that choice?

Not Mad River. Best guess would be Old Town.

You are now asking for opinions on the Native Ultimate, correct?
If yes, I’d start another post under Advice.

Wise decision. Old Town had decals on it. Looks like those were removed. Most likely a polyethlene Discovery… They are heavy brutes! I agree with String as this canoe case is closed for you.

Old Town is very likely. they made so many models it is hard to guess which one. Give us some dimensions to work with.

Reread the whole thread
He is not the owner
The seller is probanly not the rightful owner either