Idaho's Lower Salmon question

Am planning on a raft supported week on the Lower Salmon in August. Have heard this sections is on par with the Main Sakmon (have canoed th Main 3 times), and Snow Hole, China amd Half & Half are the drops to worry about. I figure the canoes might have to carry some of their own gear…

Anyone out there canoed this section recently and what are your thought?

Thanks in advance


Haven’t been on the lower Salmon
but I do have a suggestion. Idaho rivers, in general, are constantly changing according to flow - as you may know. We are still in the end of the spring runoff stages at this time, so any recent info is subject to immediate change. I would suggest that you contact one of the outfitters working out of Riggins for help and info.

I know Jim at The Last Resort in Riggins (a heck of a nice guy). He may not have the exact info you need, but I bet he can steer you to it.

another suggestion
You might also try posting your question in the Yahoo group “Eddy_turn”, which is populated by a bunch of the local sw Idaho paddlers.

l salmon
Thanks for the advice. I’ll do that.

I know that average flows for August are @ 5ooo cfs, have talked to lots of rafters who’ve done this section, but nobody who has canoed it. Rafters have a different perspective of rapids…