Idalia Waves and Wind 4 days at Atlantic Beach, NC

We were invited to stay with my sister at their place on Atlantic Beach last week. This gave us a front row seat as Idalia past offshore of us. We had lots of rain Wednesday and overnight into Thursday. I thought I would share the photos of the beach during our stay.

We arrived early evening on Monday to calm seas and a beautiful gibbous moon rise during the end of the day.

The next day another offshore storm in the Atlantic (I believe it might have been Franklin) had the ocean waves a bit angry.

The moon came up later that evening and was close to being full. The seas had also calmed down some.

Wednesday between the rains we went to Fort Macon for the firing of the canon. When hit with the shock wave of 3 pounds of gunpowder going off it is impressive.

A Marsh Rabbit greeted us at the Fort.

The worst of Idalia passed us in the night, but the waves and winds were still a sight to see Thursday morning.

By that evening the seas had calmed down and the sand pipers were back feeding in the surf.

The smoke haze has made for many nice sunsets this year.


I don’t see any photos of you surfing.

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My back hasn’t healed enough to get it wet yet. I see the doc this week and hope to hear the “all clear” report!

Those are fun looking conditions! I am jealous. I just got home after cutting short my beach camping to three days (out of five days reserved) at a site south side of Cape Cod. Ironically, the south facing beaches usually get more summer waves than inside MassBay. The conditions were too idylic for me (and the water “too warm” for my preference to be refreshing).

All I got down there was 1-1.5’ waves. MassBay had 3-4’ swells in the 13 second range yesterday and today. Hoping the swells are still around tomorrow at the local break!