Ideal Fl paddling shirt

The requirements for paddling clothing in Florida are different then they are in the frigid northland, so if you live there, you don’t need to read any further. Here the heat and the sun are the main things that you need to dress for. This CW-X long sleeve shirt ( model 270003) is the best I have found. It has a SPF rating of 50, the material is thin and stretchy and it conforms to the body. The sleeves are long enough so if you wear gloves, you don’t get a ring around the wrist from the sun. Since the fabric is thin, it keeps you cool and is the next best thing to not wearing a shirt. It comes in white, so it doesn’t absorb heat from the sun. As of today (10-06-08) the SPFStore has them on sale for $36.00 ( but only in med and white). Other places carry them also.

Here is the link to the SPFStore.

Updating my apparel for my Everglades trip in January and this is perfect!

FLET, the shirt looks good but
offers no protection around the neck area.

If getting sunburned is a concern this shirt is not that good. You will need to wear a hat that will cover your neck area. A hat that only will cast a shadow on your neck area (wide brim hat) is not enough since you get glare form the water. A hat with a “skirt” would help. They make those but they are awfully hot to paddle in when there is no breeze.

Paddling in Australia, I wear a similar shirt to the one you mention but it has a high collar. Needless to say my face is religiously covered with serious sunblock to avoid future skin cancer (so many people get it over here)

The myth of the North

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The sun is fierce and its out over 18-24 hours a day. The water reflects light. The rocks above treeline or in the thinly vegetated blowdowns of the boreal forest reflect an amazing amount of heat.
Not to mention an assortment of mosquitoes and other flying pests
I guess Florida is tamer. That shirt would never cut it.

Give me a tightly woven cotton twill shirt with long sleeves and a light color anytime. Cotton helps you thermoregulate and keeps you cool..and dont forget the hat..I pin a bandana to the back for more sun protection.

Nylon and polyester just keep the heat in. But Poly/cotton Dickies are just perfect canoe tripping pants in hot weather. They dry quick...before it snows. (Think I am kidding? We've had within 48 hours near Hudson Bay snow and over 90 degrees.)
I kid you not. The Artic and the boreal forest is blazing hot in the summer at times..well over a hundred degrees.

Hate to disagree with you, but I’ll take
my Wally World sleeveless poly pro six dollar shirt anyday.

I love the sun and love it baking into my skin.

I know, I know the skin cancer thing.!

If I haven’t got it by now at my old age, I’ll take it gracefully when and if I do get it.



I burned as fast or faster in Maine as
in the south.

If you wear that get up in the North
second degree burns and no hospital within 1000 miles are in your future.

Hope you have your debridement kit and a sat phone and PLB.

Another option
I hate sunblock in hot weather, it cloggs my pores and makes me hotter. I live in Miami, FL and I use these:

They are not as expensive (sometimes they’re on sale for $20) and they work quite well. In June, I paddle all day for a whole week (Castaways Against Cancer) and never get a sunburn. Of course, you still have to wear sunblock on your face and neck, but the rest of your body will be well protected.

I like these too…

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... a bit pricey, but I like the looser fit of a "swim shirt" vs most rash guards and compression gear all you male models like to sport. I generally avoid tight spandex, particularly in white!

I also tend toward short sleeves since most shirts that fit my XL chest have annoyingly long sleeves.

Also wear plain old rash guards, often a size or tow over, if I find 'em on clearance. Many have OK UV protection.

I have another sun block type shirt from Rail Riders too - baggy white thing, nice and light and cool with good UV block. Great on land but I don't like it much when wet (gets clingy) - and I like to get wet. Also - expensive - but I like it better than the similar stuff the fishing/boating stores have (but have too many pockets and other crap).

I disagree with that too.
I am originally from the north.

My native American skin stays quite brown all year long.



my favorite summer top (in RI) is

a hooded rash guard/swim shirt…50 upf…long sleeves…nice and light wearing…when wet my fellow paddlers can see all of my tattoos-but i still do not get burned…love the hood part…i always burn the back of my neck…

the screen printing crumbles off pretty quickly…but makes me look BAD before it does :wink:

fishing shirts

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I like the versatility of a long sleeve button up quick dry shirt for paddling the Everglades. You can layer with a coolmax or other long or short sleeve t-shirt in cooler days. The nylon shirts and long quick dry pants protect from bug bites. Plus they offer 30 - 40 SPF protection and are comfortable even in the most intense heat due to the venting panels.

Here is an example of one of the many available

What she said…
I prefer the vented loose fitting fishing gear when paddling, camping and fishing.

It’s what the pros wear when they have to out there everyday. :slight_smile:

Slather up with sunscreen…
and paddle naked. More fun that way.


nice trout!
I also forgot to mention a Tilley Hat :slight_smile: is my hat of choice for the 'glades. I hope I don’t run into you out there…they may think we are twins. I’ve got the same color shirt, pants and hat. LOL!

Pic was taken at Pavilion…
… one of my favorite places. We also like Cape Romano during the week for Snook and Redfish. :slight_smile:

I use the Cabela’s and Bass Pro shirts and pants also at Lake Havasu in AZ.

I vote for the fishing shirts…
long sleeved, vented shirts with SPF 50 protection. These don’t HAVE to be expensive. I know some people won’t buy at Wallyworld, but they have these shirts for $16 bucks and change!

AND get a wide brimmed, vented hat as well.