Ideal weight for a Romany ?


what would you guys consider an optimal weight to paddle an NDK Romany (16 feet, not the Romany Explorer). I am 185 lb (looking to be 180 in a month or so), will I be too heavy for it ?

I’m planning to use the Romany for 2-3 days trips (Apostle Islands) and for surfing in Lake Michigan (I’m coming from a whitewater background, so I’m looking for a lively kayak to paddle)

Anybody else paddling a Romany ? How much do you weight ?

Thanks, Hugo

Not too heavy
I’m 210 and paddled many many miles in a loaded Romany…buy it and use it.

You’re fine
You’re not too heavy for a Romany. My usual weight is 170-180 and I have more than enough free board even carrying decent amount of gear.

The boat is a ball of fun. Enjoy it.

Thanks to all !

How tall
are you? A frend of mine is about your weight but 6"4" and his CG is high enough that he feels “tippy”. We cut out the crappy seat and put a foam one on the bottom and that helped a lot.

I’m 5’10"
I think relatively normal/standard height.


No problem
As a matter of fact, I’m 6’ and have about 6" of foam on the forward bulkhead to brace against in my Romany.

Mine is an Elite layup and has the carbon seat, which I like a lot. The seat is a bit high, but it makes the boat livelier.

Too light??
I’m 5’8", 145 lbs. do you guys think I’m too light for an unloaded Romany? Thanks

Unloaded Romany?
Unless an Elite layup, I think that’s an oxymoron :wink:

The Romany is an amazingly supportive forgiving boat. Many lighter paddlers have Romanys. My wife has occaisionally paddled my Romany and feels fine in it (she weighs less than you).