Ideas for paddle box on kayak trailer?

I converted a small boat trailer to use for my kayaks last year. I’m looking for ideas on an economical box to store my 4 2-piece paddles & pfd’s in. The longest piece is 48".

Would like to make a “fishing rod style holder” inside to hold them still & cushioned.

Finding an inexpensive box seems to be impossible!

PVC Pipe
Large diameter PVC pipe with end caps

That’s the ticket - large PVC pipe
I use it for shipping art - tougher than UPS, FedEx, and USPS put together

make it!
Get some angle stock with holes in it, and a sheet of exterior grade plywood. Or use MDO (get this at a lumberyard) if you want it to look slick.

Add hinges and some weather stripping, and the total cost will be about $40.

If you don’t want to build something, look at yard sales, or on craigslist for a truck bed toolbox. The plastic ones can be had for $50 used.

Have you guys priced 10" diameter PVC pipe? And even that won’t fit PFDs. Just a few paddles at most. I think you’ll pay nearly $100 for a length of it.

the pvc I looked @ was PRICEY!!!
i’ve got a lead on a cheap small crossbed truckbox so that may do it. i’d prefer a chest style vs. crossbed. what I really want is a dock box style! those things are crazy money.

I’m with Nate.
Pine box, stainless or galvy hardware, a few coats of paint, a bit of touch-up annually, and the thing will prolly outlive you.

Old rooftop carrier
We have used an old hardtop rooftop carrier on the floor of our wooden base trailer - you can find them for $25 often on craigslist. Not sure on dimensions for your things though.

Nate, can you give me more design tips?
Not sure what you mean by angled stock. I assume you mean for support/rigidity? Does it go inside or outside? Sealing the lid?

I’m not a very good carpenter.



You can buy plastic boxes
in several shapes and sizes, even the cross bed toolboxes for a pickup, most can be locked. Maybe one of them would work. If it’s not on the trailer deck you may want to line the bottom of the box w/ plywood for reinforcement.

Good Luck


Bought a used toolbox!
A Contico poly cross bed box big enough for my paddles for only $40!!! Hangs on my Thule bars longways but I had to move the Malone Gullwings to within 6" of the bar ends. Is that a no-no? The bars flex a little but they always did. Just being overly cautious.

I asked this in a new post as well.



sounds good!
Sounds like a good solution. Repurposing something used is a lot easier than building something. Good find.

A Hobie trailer I bought 2nd hand has
that 12" black corrugated plastic drain pipe, with end caps, mounted on the trailer for sails, spares, etc. Lighter and probably cheaper than big PVC. Could line it with a piece of cheap yoga mat. Would work for 1 piece and GPs too. R