Ideas for PVC Kayak Rack?

I am wondering if anyone has any plans/pictures/ideas on how to build a PVC Kayak Rack for my backyard. I have two 10 foot kayaks and am looking to build a rack to get them off the ground in my back yard.

Thanks for any help!

Wood is easier and cheaper.

got one
didn’t build it, simple brilliant design from a man working w. a plastics factory in Florida.

PVC rack is tough, durable… can rack two seakayaks 16 & 16.5 feet on felt padded extensions, w. room on top for a ww boat. If I were taller I could add a level (myself or from the seller) for a 4th boat, or paddles etc. This rack includes endcaps to keep water and critters out. Assembles in ~45 minutes w. a screwdriver and rubber mallet - including time to unwrap all the individually wrapped sections, ~42 IIRC.

I’d estimate the value of all the PVC sections at $100 minimum. Got mine for $145 shipped. More than fair.

If anyone wants to know more, shoot me and email, I’ll give you the seller’s info. Great guy - he sculls for recreation - who wants to make sure you enjoy his product.

If you can get some/most of the PVC salvaged, you could cut the cost significantly… just need the time to hunt them down, clean them up.

May or may not be cheaper depending on where you live. Down here in FL it seems very expensive, plus you would need pressure treated, and then keep it away from any structures so termites can’t cross over from the rack to the structure.

I have a link to a great rack someone built with pvc, but it’s on my other pc. I’ll try to locate it tonight and post the link.

I’d advise against PVC pipe
Exposing PVC pipe to UV for long periods of time can lead to a weakness in impact resistance. The pipe can become brittle to impacts (strangely enough, once in the ground it apparently doesn’t suffer a decrease in pressure resistance).

I second the wood recommendation. If it makes you feel better, PVC is a less sustainable, petroleum-based product.

exposure to UV
that’s a good point. don’t think it applies in my case.

The rack is under a two foot eave and protected from the west (sunny) side by tall landscaping. Exposure is very limited, and anyways up here in MI the sun is not as prolonged & intense as down south.

But I will find out for sure as the seasons progress…if it fails I’ll have lots of backup for all my indoor plumbing :wink:

Wood can be used of course. I find it heavy to move and reposition. Most homemade wood racks are, well, clunky. For some none of that is a factor.

Wood will also rot in most outside environments, unless it is treated w. chemicals which are environmentally deleterious. I personally will not use treated wood for any landscape project.

I originally looked at the Talic stands, they are light, sleek, etc. but the price gouge annoyed me and they only hold one boat - not stackable.

Making a single boat rack from aluminum tubes and fasteners w. a couple of straps would be a good do it yourself. But I needed (needed, not wanted) a multiboat rack.

Maybe a rack made of Trex '-)

well, there is that
And when wood gets wet, it gets even heavier!

Nice thing about both is that they’rereadily available. I was considering other materials but the best I can think of is steel or aluminum fence post stock, and that could get pricey.

Here’s the link I mentioned earlier…

one plus for wood
we can burn it to stay warm.

a friend of mine designed and built his own kayak sail - saw it in action on his roto Nordkapp a couple of weekends ago on Lake Erie - and he said he did a hella lot online searching to find carbon fiber tubing - best price by far was from a supplier in China (sigh)

Built my own talic-like racks. Gave away a few for xmas gifts a few years ago. Used scrap wood from the shop and some extra nylon strapping I had laying around. Took a couple of protypes to zero in on the proper dimensions/span of the arms so the kayak doesn’t rotate to it’s hull. Cradles my boats like a hug from mom.

try the archives
poster named Redmond put several posts out over the years on his trailer designs. I think he may have put some on racks for the yard as well. Good designs, if you can find his posts./

good luck