Ideas for storing Kayaks under a patio

Hi there,

I’m looking for ideas on how to conveniently store Kayaks under a patio deck for the winter.

Under my deck, I have a height of about 4 ft (1.2 m) that I can easily access from one side. I’m thinking about a system that would allow me to slide the kayaks under the deck.

Should I just let them rest on the soil (e.g. over a tarp placed on the ground) or should I build some kind of stands to get them off the ground ?

I’m not too concern with the cold and snow does not accumulate under my deck, but should I worry about water/humidity ?

Storing kayaks on the ground
What kind of material?

Manufacturers of poly kayaks say do not store your kayak on a flat surface for long periods as the hull will deform. There are some posters here who say that’s bunk, I’ve never tried it.

Recommended method is to store it on it’s side or upside down supported at the bulkheads.

I have cam straps with each end on separate nails so the yak hangs in the straps like a sling. Two straps per boat at the bulkheads. That would work well under a deck.

I also have some rec boats stored on an old bunkbed frame. I took out every other cross piece in the bed, put pool noodles on what was left and leave the boats on their sides laying crossways across the frame and haven’t had a problem.

Close up the cockpit, either with a fine mesh or a solid cover.

Material: Thermoformed Polyethylene
- I thought about hanging them but using straps would require me to crawl under the deck if the straps are to be placed near the cockpit

  • Why the need to close the cockpit ? Is it strictly a protection against bugs ?

bugs and other critters
I’d support it deck-down on a pair of short sawhorses. Or cinder blocks with something soft on top.

Take all hatches off and store them inside.

Straps and no crawling under the deck

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If you set up straps as recommended by Pirate, you don't need to crawl under the deck to get the boat in and out. Start with the boat right-side up so that the coaming doesn't snag the straps as you slide the boat in. Guide the boat through the nearest loop, and push it back until it starts to go through the second loop. The first loop will simply pivot like a swing as you do this, but that may not be enough at first, so you may need to rotate the boat on its axis a little to help the sling slide its way along the hull. Once you get the boat partway in so it just reaches the second strap, lift the tail end of the boat so that the front end is supported by the far strap. The near strap will now swing back toward you. Push a little more and then push down on the tail to free up the front strap so that it swings back to vertical. Repeat the process until you get the boat all the way into position. Then, push down on the tail to let the far strap swing back to vertical, then lift the tail to let the near strap do the same. Now rotate the boat to its side or upside-down.

Note that this will work best if the upper attachment points of the straps are as far apart as the width of the boat. Even a little more width is okay. Narrower is worse, and also provides a "pinching" action on the boat which you don't need.

I did it for years with poly kayaks
nail a couple of 2" x 4"s between the posts.

Put some thick carpet or other soft material on their tops or around them.

Just slide the yaks on. It would be ideal if you can possibly space them so the kayak bulkheads are over them.

Cover the boats with a tarp or equal to keep spiders, critters and dirt out of the cockpits

Under a deck is an ideal place to keep them, since they will be out of the sun

Jack L

Storing Your Boat Deck Down?
If you’re storing your fiberglass boat with the deck down, make sure that you cover the skeg box with waterproof tape (if it has a skeg). Water freezing and expanding in there can cause big problems! Don’t know what it could do to a poly boat. And using a cockpit cover will keep out all sorts of critters!

ok, I like this idea better
No futzing around with straps in a confined space.

if you have mice or raccoons
beware. Not knowing where you live I have no idea. Because we have a lot of snow… we have a healthy population of mice and chipmunks under the deck.

Best that you rattle that kayak cage every week. Dont use a good cockpit cover. Duct tape some cheap fabric over the cockpit That way if the cover gets chewed you don’t lose an expensive cover.

or skunks!

Don’t worry about skunks…
they are all in DC !

Jack L

yep get ya some timber like jack says
I’ve got a half dozen poly boats stored under my back deck right now. I just slide them in or out. I haven’t even bothered to cover the 2 x 4s or use a tarp. I do check for critters occasionally. The only time i have to be really careful is in the winter. Sometimes things freeze up, and things get more brittle in the winter. I’ve destroyed a few air bags because they were frozen and I was tryin’ to move them. I store all my boats upside down so the water can drain out- but thats about it- sometimes I get a surprise when I find clothes or lunch stuck behind an air bag. Not nice when its a few months old.