Ideas for transporting kayaks

It’s been a long time since I posted anything but we have been in the process of moving. We are buying a place on Spring River and I need help in determining the best way to get the yaks to the water.

Here’s the situation - it is only about a block to the river but there are 2 very large ravines and sharp drop offs on our place before you get to the bank. It’s very woodsy and rough terrain. The ravines are dry now but will fill up some when the river is high. I won’t be on the river at those times as we are tame water folks. I am thinking a 4 wheeler with some sort of trailer and building a pathway through the woods and ravines to transport our yaks to the river’s edge. Any suggestions for the type of trailer or other ideas for how to make the way to the river more accessible?

build a dolly
but instead of the usual 6"-8" wheels, use something like the 16"-20" wheels normally found on gardening carts… they’re available in either a plastic “blade” type spoke, with 5 or 6 plastic blades… or the more traditional wire spoke rim.

the larger diameter will make it easier to pull over rough terrain… and for the length of a block or so (even the up/down hills) you could probably pull it by hand.

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I have the standard cart and it is great. Very well built. Rolls like butter. Here is a link to the trailer version.

Good day.

bike trailer
I’ve had my eye on that bike trailer for a few months now… as soon as they are available again I’m going to buy one.


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Great ideas, I really like the Tagalong bike trailer. I can't build a bridge although those looked really neat, part of the land is GRDA (Grand River Dam Authority). My brother liked the idea of using garden cart wheels if we build a trailer, he just saw one at a garage sale and didn't even think about buying it for the wheels.