Ideas on building a rack for my pickup

I have a compact pickup. The yakima bar & risers in the front are fine.

I’d like to build a rack system in the back that is ‘reversible’… flip it to the front for ww kayak carrying; flip it to the back for my full size canoe.

Anyone ever seen simple plans for a rack for the bed of a pick up truck?


anyone? anyone? buehler?

Ladder racks
You can pick up a pair of one-sided ladder racks for about $175 and cheaply pad them with outdoor carpeting remnants. Extend vertically with treated wood fence posts.

Easy way to lift your canoe. Lay it in the bed and drop end closest to you. Get the forward end on the front rack and then lift the other end over rear rack.

truck rack
open the yellow pages and find a fence company in your area. They sell powdercoated galvanized tube which comes in black, green, brown. They also have a variety of fittings (colored to match) which you can use to build a very servicable rack. I have been using one for the last 8 years, traveling coast to coast at highway speeds, without problems. It’s an inexpensive option, but you need to figure the detail work. The tube is available in length’s from 2’ to 24’. I have used the diameter they refer to as 1-5/8" in both 17ga, or 16 ga. Couple the rack with the foam carriers, which fit snuggly on the tube, and some straps and you’re good to go!

now there’s a neat idea
thanks for the input.

that’s more
that’s more than I want to spend. Another $25 or so, and I could just get the yakimas.

It just seems to me that racking shouldn’t be so darned expensive. Looking for a cheap but safe and servicable home-made alternative.