Identify 20 yr old kayak WK2-560

Can anyone tell me the manufacturer of the above listed kayak. It is a double (tandem, I guess you call it) fiberglass, 18 feet long. There are no other markings or labels on the kayak. Also does anyone have a guess as to what it would sell for? thanks for any info. cheers.

picture and hull id# would help a lot.

thanks for your input but apparently I cannot put a photo on this site. cheers.

paste a photo link
Nobody can post a photo here but we do post links to photo sites when we need to display an image. Upload your photos to Flickr (it’s free to open a limited use “account”) and paste the link to the photos in your message.

women’s tandem sprint kayak?
I’m thinking – maybe what you have is a tandem sprinting competition kayak custom built for a race. The WK2 is an official race event (Women’s K2). Does it look like the boats in this video? As in low profile and fairly narrow?

does it look like this?
Here’s a shot of a K2 sprint boat out of the water if you want to compare it to yours.

(if you are wondering about the gorgeous location in the background, it is Deep Cove on Indian Arm, the tip of a Pacific fiord northeast of Vancouver – I was there last year and saw a lot of sprinters practicing in similar boats. Might be a market for your boat in an area like that.)

Sorry, when you go to that link, click on “K2” on the left and it will display the K2 boats out of the water on the gravel beach at Deep Cove.

second oops
in too much of a rush today – first you have to click on the “kayaks” tab on the site home page, then click on “K2”. Can’t create a direct link to that tab.