Identify a Kayak

I am contemplating buy a kayak which appears to be brand new. There is nothing to indicate who it is made by. Can anyone identify it so I can look for reviews. THanks!!

No idea, BUT…
… unless this is an unusual boat, I’d say it is missing the seat. If the boat is a few years old, finding a replacement seat might be more trouble than it’s worth.

Vibe brand maybe?

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I just spotted this ad in my local Craigslist that looks like it has the same big porthole well covers and other fittings:

Note that a new one is only $499 INCLUDING a paddle and accessories. So I would not pay more than $250 for the one to which you linked that photo since it will cost you at least $200 to outfit it with decent paddle and seat.

Here is the Vibe site with what I think looks like that one you are looking into:

If it is a Vibe Skipjack, they do sell seats for $59 and $129 for their boats:

no sure on brand
It is a fishing sit on top kayak, but I can’t see anything that lets me know it is one brand over another.

If you can get the hull ID number (will be scratched into hull at rear on right side (relative to someone sitting and looking to front), the code may tell us what manufacturer it is.

On seats. a clip on seat from most any manufacturer should work just fine, so that shouldn’t be an issue.

Sunrise Angler

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it is a 9 ft "Sunrise" model made by Reel Kayaks in China.

here is the origin of your photo

apparently you can order your own color combo if you buy at least 10:

probably same mold
I’d bet dollars to donuts the Reel Sunrise and the Vibe Skipjack (marketed by Feel Free) are manufactured by the same company or at least somebody with the same set of molds (probably a Chinese wholesaler). The mold and fittings appear identical.

Since the photo in the ad was evidently lifted from an Okinawan outfitter’s website, I would not pursue this “boat for sale” unless the seller can post an actual photo of the one they have in hand or otherwise produce evidence that this is a real item and not a scam.