identify boat

I just purchased a 16’red sawyer boat that has white Coke is it! decals along with a white wave pattern on either side and I’m trying to find out more about it. Number on the hull is SAW13865M831. I have heard that they were a promo from the 70 and 80’s.

I also need to find a source for a replacement piece that the alum gunnels fit into and covers the front and back of the boat.

Any help would be appreciated.



Hull ID
The following link will help you with dating the canoe with the hull ID. I have a Sawyer canoe catalog from the 1980’s and the only 16 ft model in it was the Canadian.

I believe the Sawyer Canoe Company was purchased by the Superior Canoe Company. You can maybe contact them for parts. You may also be able to fabricate a peice out of fiberglass to cap the gunwales.

Bud promo boats

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Sawyer made several of their solo 13 and livery 16 hulls in white w/ red logo and red w/ white Bud logo in the 80s. {I'll bet the 3 in 831 is actually a poorly imprinted 8.]

These were chopper gun hulls, so heavy and brittle. Superior will not likely have the thwarts specs, but Steve can probably come up with a replacement if you can measure.

Thanks for the help. I’ll likely just make an alum pc to replace it. I appreciate the quick response


Thanks for the quick response. I did find out that the boat was made in 83, will likely just make a new deck from alum.