Identify Imaginary Kayak?

I’m in search of a kayak; perhaps you know what it is.

If the readers here don’t know what it is, nobody does. That’s why I ask.

It is 12-15 feet long.

It is 50 pounds or less.

It is made of fiberglass with a 2-tone finish.

The cockpit is 34.5" long, minimum (width between 20 and 25 inches).

It must glide in straight line (Sonoma 13.5 therefore disqualified).

The overall width is 23-25 inches.

It cannot be a MANITOU, which I already have.

I’m tired of searching and demoing.

WHAT IS IT! Does it exist?

CD Kestrel?
They’ve even got two sizes.

How close is this one?
# 12’8" long x 25-�" wide

Super light 29lbs. in standard construction or 26 lbs. in Ultra Carbon

Carbon/Kevlar/fiberglass construction

Day hatch & bulkhead

Cockpit size: 34" x 17-1/4"

Epic Rec GP

Build an Arctic Tern 14 with the 17s cockpit and paint it what ever color you want… Really,

Eddyline Merlin XT ?

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Or LT if you want shorter and lighter?

Only difference is their Carbonlite vs. your glass.

CD Pachena DX?

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Except 52 lbs.

Impex Irie?

Cockpit is a couple of inches shorter than you had indicated.

Last try
WS Capehorn 140- cockpit is also a few inches shorter than you want.

Tideline 15

C/P a little smaller, but a full shape.

Thanks for checking it out.

I’m not sure of the straight line performance,

but is seems to fit all else


Larger Paddler?

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Some of these suggestions sound great, like the Tchaika. One newbie question, how do you define larger paddler? The site says "Not for the large paddler"

I'm just over 6' and 185# with a runners build. Am I larger? I don't feel larger but I am a little taller.

Paddler size…
If you’re at a big party and you count how many people you could beat up easily(small paddlers), women and children included, and how many people would beat you up(large paddlers).

If the wins outnumber the losses, you won’t fit in the boat…

How about…

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Hurricane Aquasports Tampico XL:

Weight: 39 lb.
Length: 13.5 ft.
Width: 23.5 in.
Depth: 13"
Cockpit: 21" x 38"

Not fiberglass, though.

Thanks, all
Great ideas here (as expected) - one of which I already own. Looks like the closest-to-most-desirable is the Impex Irie.

Still, why is there not a single review on p-net for an Impex Irie? Nobody buys them?

Is it possible that nobody has ever bought an Impex Irie and is willing to say so, good or bad, a member of p-net or otherwise?

The Tampico looks good, too, and I can demo that within 70 miles of here. Apparently, a’demoing I will go.

Thanks again for the input.

P.S. Is there a person out there that owns an Impex Irie? I come from a place called “Earth.” Do you come here often? What is your name?

There’s one
for sale on P-Net right now in Premier Ads. Maybe you could ask them…

Make sure you count

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my 100 pound Pakistani friend who is the son of four generations of generals (when a general was a warrior) and can take out big arrogant folks remarkably quick. As well as my 120 pound (female) friend who has been doing jeet kun do for about 20 years and scared me when I was in the gym three times a week and traiing every day!

the question is about size not fighting ability.

Brother sing is right small for a guy.

"Judge me by my size do you?"

Speed, focus, and battle hardened technique are harder to assess than size.


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I do believe, if you read the thread, and interpret the tone, that Greyhawk just might have been engaging in what is commonly known as a bit of humor in his post........

e-mail Danny at Impex re: the Irie

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It is a relatively new yak and I think people mainly associate Impex with making high quality sea kayaks. This is a new venture for them and I imagine it may take a while for it to gain widespread distribution. You can be a pioneer.

Danny will probably try to sell you the Montauk at 16' which he swears by.

Good luck.