Identify Mad River Kevlar canoe?


Does anyone know/have a good guess as to what model this canoe is? I can see from the photo that a Mad River and that it’s Kevlar. It’s listed as 17’, but I don’t know how accurate that is. The owner doesn’t know what model it is or when it was purchased.

HIN, hull ID # ? Mad River can answer your question.

Right. I was trying to narrow it down before going to see the canoe in person.

The depth looks Explorerish but without more info …

It also looks Malecite ish.

Owner did some digging: it’s a 1998 Explorer in Kevlar.

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Too much rocker for a Malecite. i like this boat and would buy for a reasonable price.

It’s an Explorer in Kevlar, from 1998. Great shape, garage kept, one minor ding on the bow. The owner is asking $1,000 firm (including a few accessories). We passed on it.

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He will get his asking price easily.

You’re probably right, pblanc. We only passed because there was another canoe we wanted more. If that falls through, we’ll definitely be calling them back.

Wow… do tell. Must be a nice canoe to pass on that MR. That thing is worth 1k all day long.

It’s probably not a ‘better’ canoe, but I think we’re going to opt for a 2008 Penobscot 16’ in Royalex. It’s a bit cheaper, comes with two bending branches paddles, and is only a little bit heavier than the Mad River (58ish vs 51ish pounds).

Also, if anyone wants the MR, I’m happy to supply contact info. It’s located in the Southern Tier of NY.

I just saw the discussion about the kevlar mad river explorer. I have been looking for one recently. I would appreciate the owner’s contact info, or letting me know if it is no longer available. Thanks. (

Sent you an email.