Identify model of this Necky?

Can anyone identify the model of this Necky? Any info or hints appreciated. Thanks.

Can you get the hull #?

unfortunately no, and this is the only pic I can get.

Kind of looks like a Zoar from that pic, but can’t tell for sure. The hatches are different than my wife’s though.

The black seat says that it was from before about 2000-05. I don’t remember the exact year they changed to a gray seat and back band, but it was around then.

Eskia is also possible.

Looks like the model name sticker is stll on it on bow’s left side, if you could get the owner to read it or give a better picture.

Jim’s first year Elaho has a day hatch. Haven’t gotten around to rehoming it yet so I could go down into the cold basement and grab the full number if it matters. But no later than 2003, more likely 2001. Either it came off the mold as one of the first with a day hatch, or this boat pictured is before that.

The mold for the Looksha, their workhorse sea kayak for many years, didn’t get a day hatch until a revamp in the early 2000’s. Looks to me like this boat was stored under cover so maintained condition, and the darned PFD is covering up some useful detail about the Dolphin nose.

Would it be possible to get the boat’s length? That might help.

Could possibly be a Narpa as well. There was also a shorter version of it, but I can’t remember the name.

It has been quite a few years since I’ve been on the forum but here goes…

My wife and I have a Narpa and an Eskia, both circa 2003(?). The Narpa has two straps over each hatch, as the kayak in the picture does, and the Eskia has a single strap over each hatch so that might help some.

As to a toss-up between the Narpa and Eskia for the mystery kayak’s ID a picture of the bottom of the hull would be most informative as the Narpa has a smoothly rounded hull while the Eskia has clearly defined chines.

At 6’4’ and 250 pounds I can still get into the Eskia easy enough as long as I avoid sliding over the thigh braces and wind up sitting on them. And I have enough room under the fore-deck for my size 14 feet as long as I wear flexible thin water shoes. With stiff shoes I can’t get my feet onto the rudder pedals very well.

I’ve never been able to get into my wife’s Narpa and couldn’t fit my feet if I did get in…