Identify old canoe

I bought a used canoe a few days ago from a guy in town. its around 17’ long, fiberglass and has three keels (bilge keel) i have removed the top coat of paint but cannot find a manufactorer name or plate of any kind. i would put a picture up but this message board doesn’t allow picture yet. I am trying to see what kind of canoe it is. it looks like it might be from the 70’s or 80’s. it has a stretched diamond design on both sides and also on the stern and bow decks. i can email a picture if you think you could identify it. or i am looking for a website that might have an inventory of older canoes. thanks

Uncle Wally
Years ago in the Minnesota Canoe assoc news letter they had many stories from Uncle Wally. If I recall in one of them he used one of those three keeled canoes as a sled. He gave the name of it. If you search the archives of the MCA back 10-20 years you might happen upon it.

Good luck.

pix link

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If you have the pic hosted on photobucket or imageshack or...
You can post the link here.

pictures of canoe
good idea jhb8426! here are the links to some of the pictures of the canoe.

I wanna say it’s a “Dolphin” but I’m too
old for you to trust my memory. I remember the triple keel and high ends.

I’m thinking an older Scott (Mid Canada Fiberglass) Temagami

Or not.

Watson Fiberglass
Watson in Ontario also used 3 keels. The ends are very upswept and interior trim cannot be seen in the photos, so i can’t say its one of theirs.

CoreCraft, a Minnesota builder, used triple keels and a raised, diamond insignia on the center bilge. They’ve been out of business for years.

Core Craft
It is a Core Craft Sno Wonder! thanks for your help. i did a search and saw lots of old pictures. thanks

old three keeled canoe
I bet it is a Core-craft, they were made in Bemidji Minnesota