Identify this kayak?

Any idea on the make/model of this kayak?


it’s an EPISEA

Anyone out there have first hand experience with this kayak? Can’t seem to find weight limitations, cockpit dimensions, etc online

The intended user: 5’, 110-120 novice paddler (small adult)




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The first link says the boat is for children to small adults, and there's pictures at both links of kids paddling it. 5' and 110 lbs sounds like a small adult to me...

PS there's an email link at that site, maybe they can answer your question directly.

a link

Interesting that their initial asking price was very close to the new price. Usually I pay about half or less of the new price for a used polyethylene boat. For their price I’d want the boat to be in great condition with no fading and looking like it had been stored inside.

The 772 area code is Florida where my Poly boats have had significant damage from being outside for two years. So I’d really compare the color of the boat here to a new one.

I got an episea for my daughter when she outgrew her little skin on frame. It is sized to fit someone from about 60 pounds to (i’d guess) 100 pounds-ish. However, for my daughter’s purposes, I’m not really thrilled with it. The front and rear decks are very high. I prefer a greenland/british style to make it easier to learn rescues and rolling. It would probably fit better for someone on the higher end of the intended weight range. Or someone small who isn’t interested in rolling.


Hi Nate, I picked one up for my daughter too and the deck did seem high. I think paid $75 for it so I can’t complain much. It will be a few years before she’s big enough to paddle it but for that price I had to get it.

Does your daughter use a Greenland paddle? People have suggested them for kids to reduce stress.

Many years ago sea kayaker reviewed kids kayaks, the favorite of the reviewers was the Umiack (now Carolina 12s?). Yes all the reviewers were kids.

A current designs raven might be nice someday and considering its fiberglass and has hatches and bulkheads the price is pretty good.

Why is it wrinkled ?
Is that just in the photograph or has it had some heat deformation issues?

talked to the seller
Talked to the seller…

It was outside for a bit as rental for a short period of time, however it was treated with 303 a few times…and she is now a kayak instructor (not sure if that means she takes really good care of her gear or not)

300 is the lowest she would go and tried telling me they go for 900, so not quite sure I would want to bite, considering they are listed at 589…

and $200 in other areas: