identify this kayak?

I have been offered a kayak, but only have 1 photo of it.

I am trying to identify it, so I can evaluate it better … I have seated for a long time to find another that resembles it … no luck yet.

Ideas anyone?


Is it me but I don’t see any photo.

is this like twenty questions?
is it…made in England?

Tell me if I’m right so I can ask my next question.

Ask if it has a 12-digit Hull Identification Number stamped or etched on the stern. The first three letters would give you the manufacturer, which would be a starting point.

Ask Spiritboat. NM

Just take it, ID unknown. Later
you can Thoreau it away.

But save the picture.

Unseat yourself…
Yes. Unseat yourself and go look at it in person. Photos only tell you so much and leave too much to the imagination.

perhaps it s a Colorado Doobie kayak