Identify this Mad River canoe

Seller says it’s a little over 15’ and it’s 32" wide. No hull number (?) and stamped “second”. Royalex hull. He’s a little hard to pry details out of so I still don’t know if it’s tandem or if that’s supposed to be a solo seat.

I get tired of being told “come and see it” and finding things to be other than what I expected, but this one might be interesting. Anybody have an idea what it is?


Looks like a mad river ME. 15’2"/ 33" in royalex.

must be a serial# on the hull

Obviously has been painted, and he seems reallllly happy with the color.

Painted makes sense.
Must be what happened to the number…

Yes - trouble, I think. Thanks, guys.

What trouble?

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If the hull is sound, a wood gunwale ME is certainly worth the asking price painted or not. It should be easy enough to determine whether there is serious hull damage on inspection.

The ME was/is a fun whitewater OC1, a tad wet, perhaps.

I love MEs but the outfitting on this one is a little “funny.” My oldest one is 30 years old. If the hull is in great condition, it is a boat I would buy.

Good if you’re going to paddle whitewater.

cripes, looks like it’s
outfitted for poling, Steve! definitely set up strange.


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Poling an ME? That would be ... interesting.

The ME was usually paddled as a solo, but occasionally set up as a (very wet) tandem. Again, assuming the hull and gunwales are sound, the boat can easily be returned to a stock condition.
Hard to tell from the photo, but the deck plates look standard.

The standard ME had 4 thwarts relatively evenly spaced on its symmetrical hull. If the gunwales are original, the holes will show you where to mount them.
The specs for the Royalex ME given by MRC are: average weight 55 lbs, length 15' 2", gunwale width 30", 4" waterline width 28.5", depth at center 15", bow and stern height 24".

The ME was a whitewater boat, and WW OC1s aquire scratches through the outer vinyl layer of Royalex. Many owners "refresh" their hulls by spray painting them so it isn't necessarily a sign of some great hidden sin.

So all you would have to do is buy 4 relatively inexpensive thwarts and mount them (or three and a kneeling thwart), ditch the center thwart and the "butt-board" or whatever, drop in a pedestal and knee pads and you would be good to go.

If I were in Idaho, I would probably be going to look at this canoe today.

Well, if it’s still there…
…when I get home, I’ll take a look at it. The outfitting does look odd, doesn’t it?

the outwales look really big
Something seems different, but that may not mean it’s bad.

the "photo"
looks like a painting.

Could be a homemade re-rail job after a wrap.

What is the deal with the Mad River logo? Looks hinky.


Hard to tell, but it looks like maybe it
got masked off, along with the bow bunny, prior to the banana boat paint job. Outwales coulda rotted off if it had been left out behind the garage for a few years.

new wood
could be after a wrap, or just rot.

ME specs
"The specs for the Royalex ME given by MRC are: average weight 55 lbs, length 15’ 2", gunwale width 30", 4" waterline width 28.5", depth at center 15", bow and stern height 24"."

those are ‘mostly’ the specs for the kevlar hull

rx hull

gunnel width = 33"

4" waterline = 29.5

average rx wt = 57#s

88 mrc catalog

paint won’t obscure the numbers but bondo might