Identifying a Wenonah Canoe

Serial number on Wenonah Kevlar canoe is SD626H484

I believe it to be a sundowner model. Can one tell what year it is by the serial number?



Wenonahs are MFP

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not SD. They did not use letters to denote their models

The Manufacturers Identification Code is the first three characters which are always letters.

The last two are the year

According to this

that is an invalid HIN probably cause its missing the third letter.

last two digits of the serial number

Or fewer letter inserts into the minus first letter code on your hull searched Axxxxxxxxx84 canoe manufacturers identification code …

Your off !

Not right
That is either not the HIN or the canoe is not a Wenonah.

The first three characters of the HIN are the Manufacturer’s Identification Code (MIC). The MIC for Wenonah Canoe is MFP. All Wenonah boats have an HIN that begins with MFP.

OOPS Did not have it all
Sorry, it was dark out…i didn’t get it all.

The tag says Wenonah Canoes

Mod # sun

Serial # MFP SD626H484

So am I correct in interpreting this as a Sundowner 17ft that was made in 1984?

With no significant damage, small visible repairs…what might this be worth?



Hull Length
In the early 80"s the Sundowner was only an 18’ canoe. the shorter version was first called the Echo and then it became the 16’6" Sundowner and then it was enlarged to 17’. The tag for the renamed Echo was still stamped EC and not SD. Many people miss the letters MFP for the manufacturer on the HIN plate because Wenonah printed those letters and stamped the individual model and serial number information. the stamped letters stay, but the printed letter wear off.