Identifying an older/vintage 13' white kayak

Anyone recognize the make/model of this 13 foot white kayak from these little photos? Tried to ID it through image search but nothing matched. Doesn’t quite look like a slalom kayak and the hull looks a bit deformed. Thanks in advance.


…I can only post 1 photo at a time…


There were so many people making similar kayaks in the 1970s and 1980s, often in small shops that didn’t ID them. Yours looks to be plastic (can’t really tell since you did not post a photo from the side to see if it has a gunwale seam), which was more rare than fiberglass hulls, but they did exist. The suspended plastic molded seat was pretty common, also no bulkheads or foot pegs or deck rigging.

In fact, I recall when I was in Ontario with friends back in 1973 we were picking up a fiberglass canoe from a small shop outside of Toronto which one of my companions had ordered and at the shop we could see a few kayaks very much like this on their racks.

I owned a similar one for a while in the early 2000s that a friend had made using what we called an Augsburger mold that my outdoor club had for member use (laid up with fiberglass fabric and resin). Also 13’ and very plain with that same seat and the pitched deck. It was intended for basic white water which was all I ever used it for (with float bags).

Definitely some model of Phoenix.

Possibly a White Brothers. {made in Canada}

my best guess is a phoenix appalachian