Identifying Kayak

Hey I’m Katie and I’m new to kayaking. I bought two kayaks off of Craigslist two years ago when I had no idea what I was doing. They were a good price so I grabbed them up. After playing around I realize they aren’t what I want or need. I am planning on selling them and getting shorter rec kayaks, but was hoping to properly identify them before selling them. They are 11 ft long with adjustable skegs. I have several pics of them here. Thanks. Oh and the paddles that I got with them are feathered.

Hull ID Number
Look at the right side stern of your boat. There will be some letters and numbers stamped, molded, or etched there. Then google “HIN” and figure out how to translate those letters and numbers into a Manufacturer and date it was made.

Once you know the manufacturer measure the length and see if you can find it in their catalog.

old school
Good luck

But they look in good shape, though.