Identifying Sawyer Canoe


I am attempting to identify the model of a Saywer Canoe for sale nearby. The owner claims the hull is 17’3", which I can’t cross-reference with any models that I know of.

The boat has a sliding bow seat, kevlar layup. Here are a couple of links to photos of the boat:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

More Info
Hi again - the VIN number on the hull is SAW00203M84E. Can anybody identify the boat that way?

Thanks again.

84 model

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Now if someone has a catalog from that era
Also more info on width and waterline length
I have friends who paddled across the USA on a similar looking boat in the 90's
Seller may have given length overall
Could be a Cruiser. But that is six inches longer. The confusing point is which length was measured

an X-17 in Superlight Kevlar? It looks like it might have a foam core which was used in the Superlight layups.