Identifying Sawyer Canoes

What is the best way to identify the model and age of a Sawyer Canoe? Can the serial number be decoded? Is the model name stamped on the canoe? Thanks

Tell us something about the canoe,
its length, beam, depth. The serial number is helpful, but if there is no obvious model name on the boat, you’re unlikely to find one.

Several people on this board have personal experience with Sawyers, and may be able to identify one even without a serial number.

Bow placard
The only place the model is listed on my Saywer Cruiser is on the placard at the bow of the boat, on the flotation tank. This is the same placard that states maximum weight/occupancy.


Pictures of unknown 18’ Sawyer
Owner describes it as 18’ racing canoe. I have not seen it yet but here are two picutes:

Any guesses? What is best way to distinguish between the longer Sawyers like: Cruiser, Outrage, 222 Cruiser, Guide Special, Champ2 and Super.

Sawyer, like Bell, consequentially numbered their hulls with no model code, so that bow decal, length, width, number of seats, and design characteristics are about all we have to work with.

Weight on Cruiser Placard?
Can you tell me the Max. weight listed on your Cruiser Placard? Any idea if different models had different rated weights?

sawyer canoe
The canoe in the picture is a sawyer super. My guess is because it is kevlar it is the second generation super designed by Don Burkland. It is a 3/27 racing canoe.

For $300 who cares what model it is!

Go buy it!