Identifying this blackhawk canoe

Hi everyone, im new here and new to solo canoes, but not canoeing. I recently acquired a blackhawk canoe from a garage sale, needs all new wood, but aside from that and a small hole I repatched due to a poor patch job its in fair shape. My issue is this, according to everying on here and google, ive found it dosent conform to the sizes produced. I measured from bow to stern, it came to 13’.2 or 13’.3, and aprox 3’’.2 wide. The nighthawk was 12’ the shadow at 14’. any ideas? its a light tan in color, and I would be happy to email or text pictures if anyone could help out.

For those of you who im sure will ask how much I paid, a remarkable $25 for the canoe, and ive put a total of $40 into it just to make it water worthy.

I’ll Send the Link to theBob
He’s an expert on Blackhawks and owns several himself.



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Sent you a PM.
Send me some photos; I'll try to help you.
May take a couple of days; no plug ins for my computer on the river.

Contrary to what wildernesswebb said, I am not a Blackhawk expert. Have owned quite a few (10 if I remember correctly) of them. Still have 6 of them.

Sounds like you fell into a deal & came out "smelling like a rose". With a little sweat equity, you might end up with a very nice deal.

Good luck to you on repairs.


P.S. If the expert label had a graphic; it would look almost exactly like a bulleye.

UGH! i cant figure out how to check pm’s on here, lol. bin awhile since ive bin on a forum like this…im all lost. Ill get it figured out tho! ;X just got back from fishing on it so im tired, mendota is a large lake to paddle when theres lots of wind.

You’ll get the message in your email
Private messages on this forum go directly to whatever email address you listed when you signed up here.

Also, I’d be willing to serve as a second set of eyes for Bob, since it appears we are neighbors (at least the lake you were on today is in my town).

Ahhh, excellent. I was searching endlessly and hadn’t yet checked my email. Good to know, neighbor. Thank You.

Another local Blackhawk owner here
I’d be happy to help, but if you want a real pro to take a look and ID it, try Carl at Carl’s Paddlin’ on HYW 14 at the turn to Lone Rock. Its not all that far from Madison and he has a bunch of other Blackhawks there you can take a look at. Last time I stopped by he had at least one Zephyr, a Kittyhawk, and a Proem (maybe two). Perhaps he’s he’s picked another up since I was last there. Don’t know if he’s sold any, but he knows their value and prices them pretty high, so they don’t move as fast as some other boats he gets in.

Sounds fantastic, if you shoot me an email I would be happy to forward some pictures. Thank you all.

Incomplete list, etc
Blackhawk Canoes

Name designer length width depth seat trim

Proem P Moore 11’10” pedestal mahogany

Covenant P Moore 14.75’ pedestal mahogany

Nighthawk B Brown 13’3” 27”/25.5” 15/11.5/14 fixed pedestal pine

FishHawk B Brown 13’3” cane pine

KittyHawk B Brown 12’2” pedestal pine

Starship P Sigglekow 15’ 8” cane, combi ash

Zephyr P Sigglekow 14.2’ cane, combi ash

Combi P S 15’8” cane ash

Phantom PS ~18 cane ash

Ariel PS 15’

Shadow 11 PS 11’7 cane, ash

Shadow 13 PS 13’

Shadow 14 PS 14.5??

Shadow Combi PS 15’ 34/34.5/29.5 24/13.5/17.5 cane ash

Shadow SS PS 15’ 30/31/27 20/13/15 cane ash

Had “Porches” above waterline at stern to improve skidded turns

Sorry pagination is blown.


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well according to what you posted, the nighthawk and fishhawk are the same hull...Im assuming mines the nighthawk since its got a fixed saddle style seat. but im no expert...*shrugs* looked up a pic of the nighthawk, didnt find one of the fishhawk.

Noticed after i posted this that the picture i saw was i beleave bobs nighthawk, and read up on it, i have the slip cover that goes over the saddle also. ;D


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Same hull.
Fishhawk: wood/cane seat.
Nighthawk: pedestal/saddle.

Lucky you, getting a cover for the saddle thrown in with the canoe. As stated in my PM; pretty hard to find.

You should now have the photo I sent you of my two 12 foot, seven inch Shadows, and my Nighthawk.

I'll vouch for guideboatguy & pjc. They are both very knowledgeable, both fun to paddle & camp with, and both are skilled paddlers. You will have to search long & far to find two better. I've paddled with both of them for in excess of 10 years.
Oh yes, I almost forgot; they are both "full of it", especially the tall, lanky one!


Bob, you’re all three tall & lanky
compared to me :slight_smile:

You know why Yanoer?
All 3 of us grew up paddling real rivers;not those muddy ditches that fill up with corn field runoff where you paddle.

You coming to the Ozark Rendezvous in October?



Im actually playing with the idea of “i have a $200 sewing machine that i like to play with” taking the stitching out of the slip, and making a pattern to make new slips. Just not sure if anyone would be interested in buying them if i did so…havent found a job since i moved back here from california, and bin finding things to take up my spare time aside from taking care of my wife and 2yo. heh…but im decent with a canoe, havent used one much since i was in boyscouts a decade back. but its coming back to me pretty fast, as well as fishing. forgot how much canoeing can take it out of you! spent almost 8 or 9 hours on the water today, had tons of fun, i think im comfortable enough with the canoe to try taking my son out on it, gonna give it a go in the morning when he wakes up.

We have to be small to fit on our
drainage ditches.

Don’t know about you Dave
Don’t know about you Dave but I haven’t been able to canoe Iowa’s polluted drainage/runoff ditches (officially known as rivers for some reason)since May. No water in them.

Went with the kiddo
So i did manage to get in the lake with he kid around 1pm when the lake cleared up and wind died down. BEST behavior ive ever seen from him! he was thrilled, didnt move around at all, like i told him, and even let me fish some. Plus he took a short nap till i beached the canoe to stretch my legs. fantastic time!