Idintification and HID Help

Hello I Have had this canoe for awhile and never had to worry about the HID number because i had no motor but after a recent trip bow hunting solo i want to put a trolling motor i was given by my step dad on to the canoe so i can bow fishing alone without worrying about juggling the paddle and bow and dealing with wind at the same time.

My problem I Cant find the HIN If there is even one on the boat i was hoping someone could help me know where to look a little better or let me know what year this boat is since i know they have not allways used HIN’s.

I Am hoping it does have one though because i work out of state during the week and the only time to get inspections on boats without HIN is on tuesdays a hour away from home therefor impossible for me to do.

What i know it is a Starcraft (Has the emblem with the arrow in it with bubbly looking letters)

It is 16’ 9" long 2 seats made of wood (Mounted on alum. brackets)

Has 2 lines running horizontally down both sides of the hull

Carry handles built in to both ends (Had Styrofoam in behind but i removed them for storage space (We dont take this canoe in any water deeper then 5’)

I Don’t know what the bars that run across are called that help support the hull but there are 3 made of alum tubing.

I Have pictures of everything but am not able to post and i have looked all over the canoe for the HIN But there is pretty thick paint… I sanded it down to raw alum. on the bow and stern on both sides to check and that is how i found out it was a starcraft but found no HIN… any help would be great and i can email pictures to anyone who would have the knowledge to help me!

I need this thing registered so i can use my Trolling motor and just do not have the means to travel to get the inspection during the week… If i have the HIN I can do everything online…

Thank you in advance!


well they are not really big but here are some i put on photo bucket

HIN placement
Here’s a thread on placement on canoes:

And here’s a page from our site that shows how to interpret them and find the manufacturer. Looks like there are five manufacturers who use some form of “Starcraft.”