If 1 boat had to do everything ?

If 1 boat had to do everything then whats your



Pretty nice hard chined fiberglassed speedmeister with plenty of space and requires no minicell.

I was going to say my Silhouette…
or the Nordkapp LV, but I change my mind. I want cooldoctor’s yacht instead.

Took the Nord LV Camping.

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I could easily do a week with this little boat. It is a sweet ride.
This may be my last boat...

AQUANAUT!!! AQUANAUT!!! Just kidding…I hope they gave you that boat!

grayhawk, I came this close…

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(holds two fingers about 1 cm apart) to buying a 'glass Nordkapp LV. Perfect size for my 5 foot 8.656 inch, 163 lb frame.

Questions if I might: What is the Valley Nordkapp LV Ultra--what is Ultra about it, kevlar? Weight? Do you dig that seat and backband? I have the same Valley seat rig in my Avocet RM and I hate that blasted backband. Would you be more likely to paddle with me in the Keys if I had a Valley Nordkapp LV, too? Did you get any sort of discount or, because it is a new model of boat, did you pay full freight? Did you consider a take-apart Valley? So many questions.

Crocs! You wear Crocs???
I am boycotting the Crocs because they don’t make a size 9!

The 9-10 is too big, and the next one down is too small! :frowning:

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We grow and learn…

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Yup, for a long time I would say Aquanaut. I still think it is a great boat.

However, after the fun of having a Romany, I'm thinking if I could only have one boat, it might be a Nordkapp LV.

While being expedition length, the 'kapp LV is livelier than the Aquanaut. Having a Romany and an Elaho DS, the Aquanaut is a good boat for me for camping, long paddles, and challenging seas. However, if I had to stick to one boat for everything, it could be a Nordkapp LV ;-)

BTW, in most paddling circles I intersect the automatic answer to the question would be an Explorer.

I’ll paddle with ya if you have a Pamlico with stickers on it… let me know when you are coming.

The glass LV that I demo’d was great an would have been just fine but my ailing shoulders wanted the lightest boat I could get. I think the FG boat would be less twitchy at first.

The pro layup is a carbon/Kevlar hull only. The ultra is carbon/Kevlar hull, deck and bulkheads saving the most weight. The carbon and Kevlar are woven together and looks like a tweed suit, very cool.

I have the plastic seat with the six point backband and the Velcro strap. I paddle it with the backband adjusted loosely as the raised lip on the back of the seat gives me just about all the support I need and lets me rotate better. I have no issues with the backband at all. I did remove the seat pad to get my weight a little more aft.

I’ve been on the fringes of the business and no ones getting rich plus a ton of shipping on this boat. Mine was a special order boat with conditions attached and I didn’t ask for discounts, although some goodies and instruction were offered and accepted. The service was outstanding and they had to put up with me.


I don’t wear them in the boat but on the beach and everywhere else, remember I’m in the Keys…

Waiting for the anti-Tilley folks now…

my Epic V10

This could do all of my paddling. I don’t camp, just do exercise paddles, and occasionally 2-3 hour tours.

sailing canoe
i can row it, paddle it, sail it, sleep aboard, fish, camp, take a friend. its light enough to carry to the water without assistance yet it can carry 10 x its weight. [URL=<a href=“http://outdoors.webshots.com/photo/2969512600053419764psUhLo” TARGET="_new">http://outdoors.webshots.com/photo/2969512600053419764psUhLo</a>]

Crocks look goofy but they are Cheap and WORK. Now If Crocks cost 70 bucks they would merit Tilley status!! people dont buy Crocks to Look cool…

Than ks for the info, very much.

Peter Orton told me that someone from FL ordered the Ultra layup in a three piece takeapart… the ultimate boat (but they lose about 10 lbs due to the take apart, bolts, extra fiberglass, etc.)… I thought it might be you.

You have actually the ultimate boat, hence the Ultra. Wow, sweet! I might price that out.

I have a conversion van and for tripping… like if I ever drove from IL to Key Largo… it sure would be sweet to have the boat inside the vehicle rather than on the roof all the time. I am wondering about that feature.

The versatile Coaster
I owned Mariner Coaster and thought it a great do-it-all boat: it was easy to move at a steady 4+ mph, was great at surfing wind waves and power boat wakes and maneuvering twisty salt marsh creeks. It light weight was a bonus. I kep hoping that the Broze brothers will come out of retirement and start making boats again.