if this doesn't stir your blood .....

… maybe you should retire your fishing poles …


so have you ever been fishing for a Smallmouth from a canoe , and something like this shows up ??

In our rivers they are Tiger Muskie instead of Northerns though … but the Northerns are in the mountain reservours like the Yough … just like this one !!!

I save this vid and play it every once in awhile just for kicks …

I caught the head of a mullet once. Down at Chincoteague, I was fishing from a private dock in one of the canals/channels (not really canal, but not one of the natural channels either). Anyway, action was very, very slow. I decided to just screw around with some TV lures folks had given me for Christmas. So I put on a Banjo Minnow and got the first decent strike of the day. While pulling it in, a HUMONGOUS blue fish nailed what I was pulling in. It gave my line a good tug and bent my rod pretty severely, then no tension left. I reeled in the rest of the way and had the head of a decent sized mullet on the line with the rest bit off as clean as if it had been cut with a Ginsu knife (it’s a TV product post).

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Replying to myself
Another time I had a double hit - fish took the fish I had on the hook. I never did find out what it was. I was fishing a 5’ UL rod with 1.5" tubes on 4lb mono and getting bit by a ton of panfish. It was fun, easy summertime fishing. This was the Potomac fishing from the bank not too far above Great Falls (but not too close either, for those who wish to find the spot).

Anyway, I had another panfish on and was bringing it in when all of a sudden line started leaving my spool faster than I could react. Just zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzip. So I started pumping the rod (which was a waste with a UL rod) and hoping that whatever it was would slow down and turn before I ran out of line. I kept on tension, no chance of turning it but I was hoping for some luck. My luck didn’t hold and pretty soon it snagged the line on something and broke off. I never did find out what it was but I figured either a big flathead, a muskie, or a large snapping turtle. Were I forced to guess, I’d say the big flathead. A muskies mouthfull of teeth would have been likely to have cut the line long before it broke.

yepper BigD …
… this same thing happens … you know where !!!

I think you will catch the fever this year … many many of them waiting for you … but if you want to actually catch it , use the short stealon , they come out of no where , just like that !!!

once , just once , I brought a …
… 42" Tiger Muskie up along side the canoe without a stealon leader … the battle took more than 20 mins. easily … I wasn’t fishing for it , was out for the Smallies only this day , and as usual a Tiger took a hit and got stuck … but for some unknown reason , it didn’t break or cut !!!

just my usual tube and 8 lb. ya know …

remember the section we talked about way back when … just above Bill’s Place (mi. 120) … they are there in force … not just there only , they are everywhere in the upper P. anymore …

I’ve had several northerns nail smallies while fishing in Quetico. Neatest was one that hit a 16" walleye and held on for quite a while, swimming around the canoe with it. Luckily the eye was hooked good and still ended up in the frying pan after the pike released it.

Hooked a muskie on a rock bass as I was about to lift it into my raft many years ago in WV. My son and I could only watch as it headed upstream and stripped every bit of line off my reel before it broke.

Not smallies but a large mouth
I had a large mouth (2-3 pound range) hooked when a Muskie decided to make a meal of it. The Muskie bit it across the back and I literally smacked the Muskie with my canoe paddle toi get it to release the bass. I also released the bass and it swam away apparently not severely injured. I have had Northern Pike chase walleye to the boat many times while bringing in a walleye but never actually bite one.

Another fishing story: Catching a 42 inch Muskie in a canoe is a great experience. The fish literally pulled the canoe around until it tired enough to be reeled in. I released it beside the canoe preferring not to bring it on board.

This’ll stir your blood
Found it immediately after watching the original video.


That walleye’s last thought…
This is not my day.

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