If you didn't see the video "No bad fishing days" that came in Paddling.com feed watch it!

Dear Board,

Seriously, watch the video that came in latest newsletter.

If I could meet the man that made it I would shake his hand.

There was a time when I was literally all about fishing. When I was younger, I easily fished 150 days a year. Hell, some years I fished every day from March to October, and even later until the ice came.

Back then I worked hard to learn more each and every time I was on the water. And I did. But nowadays I don’t have the time I had to fish so I rush out and expect things to be what they were? That is wrong.

Watch the video, pause, and reflect on why you fish and what you seek by fishing.

And if anyone here knows the man that made this video tell him I said “Hey, and thank you!”


Tim Murphy

Harrisburg, PA :smile: